Shehrazade Zafar-Arif

Freelance Writer

Location icon United Kingdom

Shehrazade studied English Literature and Shakespeare Studies, and writes predominantly about arts and culture, particularly the way the arts engage with modern society.

International Political Forum
How Far Can The Law Protect Us?

The law is supposed to dispense justice, both for the accused and for their victims. But in a flawed world with legal loopholes and "ordinary" criminals, we must confront the possibility that horror can become reality all too easily.

How have performances of Shakespeare changed over time?

Shakespeare's plays have inspired a variety of interpretations over the centuries. Shehrazade Zafar-Arif, who's completing her MA in Shakespeare Studies at King's College London, lists and explains some of the differences. How to perform or adapt Shakespeare when he has been performed over and over since his own time?

The Shadow King

Performance by Malthouse Theatre Thursday 23 June 2016Barbican Theatre Review by Shehrazade Zafar-Arif, MA Shakespeare Studies. One can read King Lear countless times and pick out a new central, driving theme each time. The theme Michael Kantor picked was land. It was prevalent in the sand that covered the stage of the Barbican, imported from Australia, where the production originates.

Making Hamlet New

What do you do with a play like Hamlet, the most talked about and most performed play in the Shakespearean canon? Ann Thompson and Neil Taylor took on this challenge head-on in their talk entitled 'Making Hamlet New' during the King's Shakespeare Festival.