Symantha Reagor

Writer / Content Producer

United States

I received my B.A. in English Literature from Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona in 2011 and my M.F.A in Writing Popular Fiction from Seton Hill University in Greensburg, Pennsylvania in 2013. I also hold a Certificate in Copy Editing.

I have 11+ years of experience in content writing, technical writing, creative writing, web production, content management systems, communication coordination, localization, copyediting, social media management, and employee training supervision.


Video Games

Legal status: Rx-only (UEG) Drug class: Cellular Anticrystalline Delivery: Syringe Routes: Subcutaneous Cryostorage apparatuses such as cryotubes (or "cryochambers") are stasis compartments found within human space-faring vessels that allow passengers to endure protracted journeys while preserved at sub-zero temperatures.
Hastati Squad

Species: Human Affiliation: UNSC Primary HQ: Corbulo Academy, Circinius IV Purpose: Training of officer cadets Squad Leader: Officer Cadet April Orenski Hastati Squad was a team of cadets at the Corbulo Academy of Military Science. As the school was named for a historic Roman general, it was typical for cadet squads to also possess Roman-inspired categorizations.

Star System: Sol Satellite(s): Phobos, Deimos Diameter: 4,220 Miles (6,792km) Gravity: .376 G Atmosphere: 0.7 (CO2, N2, O2) Surface Temperature: -120°F To 80°F (−84°C To 26°C) Day Length: 24 Hours, 39 minutes, 35 seconds Year Length: 668.6 Days In 2080, Mars became the first planet colonized by humanity.

Halo Waypoint
Halo News - 5.1.15 - Weekly Halo Channel Content

Our favorite investigative reporter is back again in another brand new episode of Hunt the Truth and over in Red vs. Blue, things are coming to a head for the Blood Gulch Crew. This week's Halo Community Creations will make you laugh and then blow your mind.

Halo Waypoint
Halo News - 5.29.15 - Weekly Halo Channel Content

Tension is higher than ever over in Hunt the Truth, while over in Red vs. Blue things are getting physical. The Community shows off their enemy eliminating and Mongoose driving skills, and things wrap up with a new Learn video diving into the events of the Covenant's discovery of Earth.

Halo Waypoint
Halo News - 6.5.15 - Weekly Halo Channel Content

Hunt the Truth is still going strong with another episode of this ground-breaking podcast and strange developments are happening over in Red vs. Blue. Take a look at the News & Community section and find an all new montage brought to you by the Halo community.

Halo Waypoint
Halo News - 6.19.15 - Weekly Halo Channel Content

This week it's all about Halo 5 Guardians and E3 2015! Halo Channel starts you off with Season 2 of The Sprint and the road to E3. If you missed the press conference, we have to covered just jump into the News & Community section and catch up on all the latest Halo info with interviews.

Interactive Narrative

Official published in PALABRITAS (a Latinx literary publication based out of Harvard College)
Death Has Kissed Your Skin.

Interactive Poem

General Content Writing

Tyrian Tarot

Created by the Guild Wars 2 Artist Collective for charity - officially sponsored by ArenaNet. Guidebook with upright and reversed card descriptions written by Symantha Reagor.

In Your Write Mind Workshop

Implemented a complete overhaul of the In Your Write Mind WordPress website. Made content easier to find with a new Tab feature. Added rotating carousel feature to highlight special guests. Refreshed all image assets and text.

Company's internal website
Process Documentation

Two examples of process documentation that were housed on an internal company site.

SVI Beginner's VO Class
Workbook for Beginner's VO Class

Workbook includes some script copy that contains intentional errors for voice over students to learn how to read around text errors.

Application for PhD Admission
Religious symbolism in HALO

An analysis of the Halo game franchise reveals an expansive and evolving narrative that utilizes religious depth and mythic lore to not only create an immersive and symbolic world, but also elevate this game series to a higher standard of literature and art.

Web tutorials for Mobile Phones

I created documentation for various mobile phones for in-house & user-facing tutorials, including recording images, building out web pages in the CMS, & importing localization.

Fiction & Poetry

I, Enheduanna: Spring 2021, The Year That Wasn't Lost
Poems: Homecoming & Of Silenced Women

This Zine issue focuses on how feminine and non-binary creatives used their chosen medium to get through the isolation of the Covid-19 pandemic. Two poems by Symantha Reagor were accepted for submission prior to being asked to join the Advisory Board for future publications.

Winter 2019
Drunk on Spring (poem)

Science Fiction & Fantasy Poetry Association, an international organization of speculative poets.

GuildMag Issue 21: The Annual 2017
A Letter from Kora Sangbrell

GuildMag Annual 2017, raised $500 for WWF to help the fight against climate change, deforestation, wildlife conflict, and unsustainable living. The article is written in character as a member of the Durmand Priory regarding the Last Spearmarshal from GuildWars 2 Path of Fire.

GuildMag | The Annual 2018 | A Guild Wars 2 Charity Magazine
A Letter from Kora Sangbrell

The GuildMag Annual returns for 2018 in support of the life-saving work undertaken by World Child Cancer. The article is a letter written in character by a member of the Durmand Priory reviewing the event of the Living Story season to date.

Wintersday Zine
The Parts That Remain

A 5k word short story (written under the pen name Kora) for a Guild Wars 2 fanzine, officially sponsored by ArenaNet with proceeds going to Save the Children.

Chimes, WintersdayZine
Peppermint Wishes

Short story contribution to the Guild Wars 2 community zine and charity drive, Chimes (aka. the WintersdayZine).

Sep 21, 2017
GuildMag Issue 20: Season's End

Writing under the Pen Name, Kora. I was asked to do a "deep dive" into the meaning behind the Parables of the Gods from GuildWars 2

Fear Not This Night

A short story set within the world of Guild Wars 2. Takes place during the events of the Heart of Thorns expansion.

Tick-Tock Promise

Each soft tick of the bronze automaton's clockwork heart echoed in the room. Eve watched as the mechanical maid tossed another log into the fireplace. The orange flames hissed and crackled in protest. "I'm not going, Mother. You may nag all you like, but you won't change my mind."


Second place winner of the 2nd annual Seton Hill Writing Popular Fiction Science-Fiction and Fantasy Dinner

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