Symantha Reagor

Writer / Content Producer

I received my B.A. in English Literature from Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona in 2011 and my M.F.A in Writing Popular Fiction from Seton Hill University in Greensburg, Pennsylvania in 2013. I also hold a Certificate in Copy Editing.

I have 11+ years of experience in content writing, technical writing, creative writing, web production, content management systems, communication coordination, localization, copyediting, social media management, photography, employee training supervision, and inventory supervision.

United States of America


Interactive Narrative

The Weather Report by Syrrann

3rd place winner of iThriveGames Empathy Jam 2017.

Google Docs

Death Has Kissed Your Skin.

Interactive Poem

Freelance Writing


Tyrian Tarot

Created by the Guild Wars 2 Artist Collective for charity - officially sponsored by ArenaNet. Guidebook with upright and reversed card descriptions written by Symantha Reagor.

Wintersday Zine

The Parts That Remain

A 5k word short story (written under the pen name Kora) for a Guild Wars 2 fanzine, officially sponsored by ArenaNet with proceeds going to Save the Children.

GuildMag Issue 21: The Annual 2017

A Letter from Kora Sangbrell

GuildMag Annual 2017, raised $500 for WWF to help the fight against climate change, deforestation, wildlife conflict, and unsustainable living. The article is written in...

GuildMag | The Annual 2018 | A Guild Wars 2 Charity Magazine

A Letter from Kora Sangbrell

The GuildMag Annual returns for 2018 in support of the life-saving work undertaken by World Child Cancer. The article is a letter written in character by a member of the Durmand...

Chimes, WintersdayZine

Peppermint Wishes

Short story contribution to the Guild Wars 2 community zine and charity drive, Chimes (aka. the WintersdayZine).


GuildMag Issue 20: Season's End

Writing under the Pen Name, Kora. I was asked to do a "deep dive" into the meaning behind the Parables of the Gods from GuildWars 2

Mobile Games


Sample Script


A 61 page script for episode one of Telltale-style game.