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Sylvie (Paillard) Sturm

Writer, editor, educator, word junkie.

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Writer, journalist and multi award-winning newspaper editor. Multi-lingual avid traveler and certified English as a second language teacher. Enthusiastic volunteer.
Reach me for any media project at [email protected] No job is too large or small.

Imagining Home

Detailing Oakland's POOR Magazine Homefulness Project, a sweat equity, permanent co-housing, education, arts, micro-business and social change project for landless/houseless and formerly houseless families and individuals.

Bay News Now
Surviving HIV Together

The horrendous early years of HIV/AIDS are becoming a distant memory for many. But the men and women who lived through those traumatic times are still healing from the loss of so many loved-ones and from living for years with a death sentence hanging over their heads.

Local News Matters
'A labor of love': Postcard campaign writers seek to increase voter turnout in midterm elections

On a second-floor loft above a raucous bar full of enthusiastic NFL fans in San Francisco's Richmond District, several dozen people sit quietly on barstools around high top tables. Every one of them is hunched over small squares of paper, scribbling furiously, never once glancing at the four screens above them blaring the matchup between the Eagles and the Giants.

Local News Matters
Digital platform uses peer pressure to motivate young adults to vote in election

The election campaigner's Holy Grail - the most elusive of all demographics - has long been the young adult crowd. Despite every conceivable attempt to get out that particular vote, the under-35 crowd remains largely unmoved. But the die-hard politicos among this set aren't giving up on their peers, even though they're fully aware of the challenge before them.

Kamloops Daily News
Search For Serenity

Kamloops Buddhist monk teaches path to the simple life

Kamloops Daily News
Project Paradise

Kind-hearted Kamloops residents do their part to make life better for some of the world’s poor

Kamloops Daily News
Project Philippines

Kamloops organization working to make season bright in a region devastated by Typhoon Yolanda

A Healthier You Magazine
A Healthier You Magazine

Premier issue delving into the health issues facing northern British Columbians and how Northern Health regional authority is addressing them.

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