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Michelle Krueger

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I am a writer, editor and content strategist, with over 15 years of communication experience in travel, health care, publishing, food culture and retail.

Iowa City farmhouse blends with tradition with cozy comfort

Like the Traditional Farmhouses Facebook page. With more than one gabled roof and a long, wrap-around columned porch, from far away, this Iowa City farmhouse looks like it was built a hundred or more years ago. Up close, its pristine trim and sustainable metal-roof indicate the modern design that girds this home's farm style with the freshness of modern style.

This 1800s farmhouse was crumbling, but see how a family brought it back to life

Like the Traditional Farmhouses Facebook page. Just outside of Northfield, a small university town in rural Minnesota, the Joyce/ Bouvin family lived for 15 years in an 1890s home with a 1940s kitchen. When it finally came time to update their out-of-date kitchen, they wanted to keep the look and feel of their nineteenth-century farmhouse but make it amenable to a modern lifestyle.


Tour this Quaker-built stone farmhouse that stands proudly in Virginia

Historic Virginia Properties Like the Traditional Farmhouses Facebook page. Though modest in its Quaker design, the birth of this historic farmhouse was far more grand. Starting with a royal grant in 1649, the first owners of the land were a Lord and Lady Fairfax of England, whose descendants built this stone farmhouse between 1766 and 1773.

Tour this country home nestled in the quiet of an island retreat

As the mighty Mississippi River branches around Minnesota's historic Nicollet Island, this charming country home lies unabashed on its westward-facing curve. From evenings past, the lulling sounds of river boats, barges, and other water traffic would have brought a quietude to summer dwellers trying to escape the heat by taking advantage of the river's cooling air.

Traveling Solo

My earliest travel writing appeared on travel websites like This feature article appeared in the Twin Cities' premiere edition of Solo-ing Magazine.

Corporate Communications

Sleep Number (internal communications)
Employee Engagement Newsletter

A human interest newsletter for internal sales employees. To connect employees from dispersed regions across the country, I created two reoccurring segments “Meet Your Peers” and “Meet Your Support.” Interviewing employees and crafting their responses was probably my favorite part of this assignment.


"Do or Die" by Candy Calvert, published by Midnight Ink
Mystery Novel

Marketing copy for a book back cover.

Book Publishing

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