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Susan Scheck

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I've written and edited for universities, news and general-interest websites, as well as trade newspapers and magazines in the educational, electronics, photography and business management fields. I am a long-time book reviewer as well. My dedication to detail, curiosity, research skill and writing talent combine to produce lively, informative content and keeps my work fresh and current.


Book Reviews

THE L.I.E. - IndieReader

THE L.I.E. is an illustrated book for young adults about an emotionally withdrawn, brilliant woman who, through her passion for science, ultimately is befriended and transforms into her town’s most beloved and celebrated citizen.


An honest, sometimes raw, account of a young girl’s first years as a street kid that is both heartbreaking and life-affirming – A SINGLE DESPERATE PRAYER makes readers believe that faith can take you far.

Spiral Nature Magazine
The Hidden Life of Trees, by Peter Wohlleben | Spiral Nature Magazine

Nature is a temple to many of us, and we may look at a stand of trees as nature’s cathedral, or a single tree as a much-beloved confidant or teacher. Our connection is spiritual and emotional, and we understand them intuitively. Yet there is another way of understanding trees — scientifically and physically — that can only add to their mystique and our deep love for them. The people who study trees this way have some amazing things to tell us.

Spiral Nature Magazine
Magical Destinations of the Northeast, by Natalie Zaman | Spiral Nature Magazine

As I opened the book, I soon knew that reading it would be delightfully whimsical as well as informational, current as well as historical. Pictures and graphics as well as words convey information (there’s one absolutely adorable feature on the bottom of every page — I won’t spoil the surprise by revealing it here). Addresses, phone numbers, and websites are included for every entry, so you can research before you go or spend your days armchair travelling.

Articles Blog
How to organize and dispose of old office files - Blog

As offices continue to eliminate paper records in favor of digital filing systems, you may be asked to dispose of dozens or even hundreds of old paper office files. Having a plan to quickly and efficiently dispose of them, after saving needed documents by... Blog
How to support a coworker who's lost a pet - Blog

Pets are common conversation starters in the office, and that conversation may go on for years, solidifying friendships. You hear about Fido's escapades and quirks when he's young and playful, then about his illnesses as he gets older. As his condition...

Planet Waves :: The Poisoning of Paradise

The state of Hawai'i is famous for its stunning natural beauty -- but you probably did not know that it's also the "genetic engineering experimental capital of the world," according to the environmental organization Hawai'i Seed, with thousands of acres held by the Big Six biotech companies: Monsanto, Dow, Syngenta, BASF, Pioneer and Bayer.

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