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How One Woman Brought Water to 75,000 People

Cynthia Koenig could barely lift her 5-gallon bucket of water, much less carry it 2 miles. By the time she arrived at her home in rural Guatemala, most of her water-her day's ration for cooking and drinking-had splashed out.

Being Deaf Doesn't Define Me

I spent the last two years writing a book for my publisher, which required near-daily communication with my editor, proofreaders and publicists. We mostly talked about the book, but also of weekend plans or current events or must-try ice cream flavors.

No, Huffing Pure Oxygen Won't Make You Faster - Triathlete

Training "Pure oxygen," the new trend in athletic performance claims to be a breath of fresh air - but it might just be a bunch of smoke blowing around. Before you read this article, take a moment to fully inhale and exhale. During that deep breath, the average healthy individual will take in about a liter of air.

Salt Lake Magazine
Porn Site Offers Hope for Sex Ed * Salt Lake Magazine

Utah: Where the air is thick with particulates, but pornography is a public health crisis. Good. We're really sick of breathing in this porn all the time, you know? Members of the Utah legislature's Judiciary, Law Enforcement, and Criminal Justice Committee voted unanimously in support of SB 185, which allows for lawsuits against those who ...

Going All In Led Me to Endurance Sports-And Alcohol Abuse - Triathlete

Culture Contributor Susan Lacke opens up about her journey through alcoholism to sobriety. Like most alcoholics, I've got a compendium of stories involving projectile vomiting. But mine rarely happened in the stereotypical places - no girlfriend held my hair back while I heaved in the bar of a bathroom at 2 a.m.

Miles For Smiles: One Mom's Inspiring Triathlon Journey - Triathlete

A daughter's diagnosis turned this mom into a tri-powered fighter for children with Angelman Syndrome. In October 2004, Deanna McCurdy went to Hawaii. Her husband, David, had a work conference in Kailua-Kona, and Deanna tagged along for some beach time. Much to her surprise, said beach was full of triathletes.

Could Your Injuries Be Caused By Weak Feet? - Triathlete

Injury Prevention A house is only as strong as its foundation, and a body is only as strong as its feet. A house is only as strong as its foundation, and a body is only as strong as its feet. A house is only as strong as its foundation, and a body is only as strong as its feet.

Women's Running
The Perks Of Parkrun

These community-led, weekly 5K events only require you to show up (and stick around for a post-run coffee). Every Saturday, a small crowd gathers at Beach Park in Des Moines, Wash. The scene is familiar to most runners: people of every age and background, lacing up and coming together to take their marks, get set and go.

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