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From Columbus, Ohio, I'm a writer with a BA in English: Creative Writing and a Minor in Professional Writing from Centenary University. My previous Editorial works can be found in the likes of Le Reine Noire, Comicsverse, Vibe Voices, #theVibe Five and the Epicurean Commune. I can be reached by e-mail at [email protected]

Proud member of the Sigma Tau Delta International English Honors Society and Chi Alpha Epsilon, E.O.F. Honors Society. Bold recipient of the Eugene A. Noble Award from Centenary University.

Black History Now: The Multifaceted Art Of Toni Morrison - Essence

To understand what it means to empower Black women, you have to represent the Black female experience in the only ways that matter: by enthralling yourself with the poetry of passion, and detaching your actions from the scrutiny of the white gaze.

NYC: Where Rich White Kids Play Poverty - Steven Underwood - Medium

A friend of mine from Columbus, OH can't afford tape for his cleats, let alone new cleats. At home, there is a surplus of duct tape. The shiny material winds immortally down the concrete pavements. It's trafficked and cherished with more reverence than the familiars of the homeless.

VIBE Voices
Centenary University's 2017 Annual Spring Fashion Show

By Steven Underwood Attending Centenary University's Spring Fashion Show is as celebrated a tradition as the annual Prez Picnic and Graduation ceremonies that follow it within the course of a week. I attend those, as well; however, I don't get paid to attend these two events, and therefore, the Spring Fashion show holds a special place in my heart.

Fans Don't Cry: Where's the Album Frank Ocean? - ComicsVerse

BOYS DON'T CRY is a lie, because I've seen a lot of boys in tears waiting for Frank Ocean's next album. There have been premiere dates promised on three separate occasions and each have been as empty as an undergrad's bank account. However, Frank Ocean's fans still seem to hold onto any rumor they can find.

Afrofuturism and the Phenomenon of the Black Panther - ComicsVerse

CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR bore its claws with the captivating debut of comics' wealthiest warrior: T'Challa, the Black Panther. #BlackPantherSoLit trended nation wide as a declaration: the Black Panther is a favorite. Many tweeters were seduced by the culture, tradition, and wealth of both T'Challa and the mystery of Wakanda.

VIBE Voices
Four Reasons Why Digital Media Needs Creative Writers

By: Steven Underwood Digital media is one of the most compelling reasons why Social Media matters in this day-and-age. All news, whether hilarious or critical, is only but a click or a poorly articulated smart phone command away from becoming an argument between distant relatives and a barely acknowledged high school friend.

Steven Underwood

As a kindergartner, I came clamoring home to share with my mother a stark belief: I did not like white people. In my adolescent ignorance, I had forgotten my best friend Dylan, who was not only white, but shared my love of imagined worlds of magical wonder, which I still cling to, and true compassion, which has since brittled with age.

Epicurean Commune L.L.C.
Epicurean Commune - Vol. 3

"We have one purpose: to promote underground artist and provide them with the opportunity to gain exposure based off of their God given talents."

VIBE Voices
10 Stylish Ensembles We Want from Centenary University's 2017 Annual Spring Fashion Show

By Steven Underwood The Annual Spring Fashion Show came and went, and though there was colossal talent showcased by all of the powerful women in the 2017 Senior Class of the Fashion Department, we've keened our eyes for a specific ten that made us all excited for the forward moving Fashion careers of these students and accompanied them with apt descriptions of the powerful aesthetics delivered in hall.

Blaque Word.
#BlueBoys: The Inspirational Sadness of Demetrius Harmon

By Steven Underwood Let's be clear, Demetrius Harmon, Black Viner Meechonmars turned rising comedic actor, isn't inspiring because he's sad - an understatement for what Depression really is. His struggle with mental illness has been a brutally honest battle to watch - especially considering my own struggles with the dark underbelly on depression.

Le Reine Noire
No, We Can't Just Pay Attention to Their Music

Music is really nice sometimes, but as with all art, we should take into consideration the artists who make it. Musicians get a free ride in today's society of rampant consumption and demand.

Le Reine Noire
Urban Fashion RETROgrade

It's true, because of the retrograde of urban fashion, Black culture has been offered up to the highest bidder. However, purchasing culture will never be inheriting it. Inheriting it means when it came back, it never left you - it was always a part of your spiritual culture.

Le Reine Noire
The Holy Trinity of Pop Are Winning 2017, No Question

Black Women dominant virtually anything they approach, and no one epitomizes this concept like the Holy Trinity. Coined in recent years, Rihanna, Beyonce and Nicki Minaj epitomize the excellence and dedication Black Women have showcased for ages and in the last year of 2017 they have won again and a

Le Reine Noire
Fishbowl Bohemia in the Hip Hop Industry

It's the idea that everything you do is under some watchful, judgmental eye and that no matter what you do you will never escape. Not only is your every victory undermined by those around you, but your every fault or trip is magnified across dozens of anonymous conversations.

#theVIBE at Centenary College
"Formation": Cultural Awareness Meets Marketing Savvy

Beyoncé did it again. ​ One should develop a sixth sense for the unexpected surprise when dealing with Beyoncé Knowles-Carter after the spontaneous release of her self-titled album on December 2013, but we consistently fail to understand both her dynamic impact on pop culture and her artistic-yet-tactical dominance of social media.