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Bido Lito!

DARKSTAR, originally from Sheffield, are a dyad of electronic mastery, who began creating music together in 2008. After the success of their album North, the duo went on to join forces with Warp Records and set out on a spontaneous journey, experimenting with new sounds and portraying an unprecedented picture of life in the heart of Northern England.

by Stephanie Banasko
Follow your bliss

It’s wise to open your eyes to the uniqueness underneath your disguise and follow your bliss… Don’t go sinking into the abyss of the corporate rat race, not even leaving a trace of the real you The choice is yours, only you can take the leap to illuminate doors and follow your bliss

Love Saves The Day 2017

Bristol, 27-28 May 2017 Choose life. Choose a magic rainbow. Choose a sparkly red jumpsuit and to live vicariously through good music. Choose a fantasy wedding hosted in an inflatable church by a half-naked priest, and choose a bunch of glittery people to give you away. Choose LOVE SAVES THE DAY.

Collaboration by Liz Fraser and Stephanie Banasko
Liverpool Disco Festival 2017

PM turned to AM and the captain of the sound system instructed the bass to be amped right up. Anyone taking a brief hiatus from two-stepping had now arisen from their shiny stool to take back the night. An almost cosmopolitan and sexy air took over then as people partied into the afterhours.

Live review: 28 Raves Later 2016

A night of outstanding production installations - and major credit to the creative minds who were a part of its construction. Impeccable standard of Halloween fancy dress, too! Don't wear shoes that you care about, though. Standout of the night: without doubt, Yousef.

Live Review: The Internet at Manchester Academy 2

If soul music was a dish, this band would add the juiciest flavour to the mix. The delectable infusion of contemporary R&B, soul and acid jazz produces consummate waves to entrance the ear.

Introducing... Katie Mac - Kemptation

Our Introducing... series digs out new, undiscovered musical talents that deserve to be heard, delivering them directly into your ears. This round, we speak with singer-songwriter Katie Mac about her latest track Goodbye, getting airplay on BBC Radio 6 Music and the immeasurable importance of music.

The Night I Went to Mars
Live Review: The Warehouse Project: Paradise, Manchester

On your pursuit of paradise wide eyed smiles are infectious, everyone is letting go like a helium filled balloon, lifting the atmosphere. Combine this with the funky melodies of Jamie Jones plus some abstract lighting and you’ll find your head has occupied a place on Mars. The prolific images erupting from the DJ booth conjure up visions of passion as a blood moon emerges, holding you mesmerised, with every orbit igniting a scene of compelling dance moves.

Daughter at the O2 Academy, Liverpool

Floating off on a cloud of feels, entertaining a thought of disappearing to Never-Never Land. The venue empties, the equipment is packed away and a special memory is savoured; that of witnessing a band in their purest essence.

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