Tameca L Coleman

Writer, Editor, Curator, Promotor

I am a multi-genre published writer with experience in music, promotions, editing, and healing arts. I have been published and won awards for work in academic essay, poetry, short fiction, and song-writing. Since 2009, I have been learning and implementing skills in creating and curating content for major sites.


Selected News / Articles

Full Stop | Book Reviews

Full Stop focuses on debuts, works in translation, and books published by small presses.

Articles at Examiner.com

Here are over 300 articles written while under employment of Examiner.com from 2014-2016.

AXS.com articles

Here are various articles written for the entertainment website AXS.com between 2016.

Elephant Journal
Work at Elephant Journal

Here is a list of articles written while working on the elephant journal apprenticeship in 2015.


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