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Simone Amelia Jordan

Senior Journalist, Hip-Hop Doyenne, Truth Seeker

Location icon Australia

Reporter, Editor and Host with 20 years experience in Australia and the United States.

I've held senior positions at Channel 10, The Source Magazine, Daily Mail, SiriusXM Radio, and founded and edited Australia's most successful Hip-Hop magazine, Urban Hitz, when I was 23 years old.

My celebrity interviews on YouTube have over 10 million views and I was chosen as one of five women in the world to design a signature sneaker for Reebok Classics’ “Classic Beat” campaign in October 2012.

I've worked across print, radio, TV and digital arms of media and have been an active mentor for young women since the beginning of my career.

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'Blue Eyes/Brown Eyes' Racism Expert's Alarming Warning To Australia

The "Blue Eyes/Brown Eyes" social experiment creator is "shocked and disappointed" in members of Australia's parliament. In her latest parliamentary stunt on Monday, Pauline Hanson and her One Nation party brought forward a motion to declare "anti-white" racism is on the rise in Australia.

Mail Online
Ace Hood SLAMS Australian retail chain Culture Kings

They heavily promoted a 'Meet and Greet' with Ace Hood at their Melbourne store. And Culture Kings came under fire from the rapper in a series of Instagram videos on Sunday, who told fans the retail chain was 'the worst place I've ever dealt with'.

Mail Online
Jess Origliasso joins rally to support the Safe Schools program

She's taking a strong stand on an issue that plays close to her heart. The Veronicas' Jess Origliasso is using her star power to develop awareness of Australia's Safe Schools program and pushing for it to be a nationwide initiative.

The Source
Movie Review: Syrian Refugees Show Resilience Amid Tragedy In 'After Spring'

"Better to be happy in a hut than crying in a castle" is the English translation of the Arabic proverb framed on a wall of Mohamed 's caravan in the bulging Zaatari Refugee Camp in Jordan. Eighty thousand Syrians have been relocated to Zaatari-run by the The UN Refugee Agency and located 60 miles from Amman-since their country's ongoing civil war erupted in 2011.
Vanessa Williams 'Thinks It Up,' Talks Lion Babe Daughter

When Vanessa Williams performed the National Anthem at the opening night of the US Open this week, a lady working behind the scenes approached her with a touching story. Turns out Vanessa's mother Helen Williams (co-author of her 2012 memoir You Have No Idea) was the woman's music teacher in high school, and she had very fond memories of the time.

Producer LT Hutton Speaks on Making The Upcoming Tupac Biopic

"I would lay down in front of a Mack truck before I let Hollywood defame or desecrate 'Pac's legacy. There is no monetary supplement you can give me to not do this story justice. It's too big of a message." LT Hutton is a man on a mission.

The Source
Why Doesn't Hip Hop Give Pitbull The Props He Deserves?

In 2016 Drake might be Hip Hop's favorite global artist, but the argument can be made Pitbull clearly had the title years before. While "Mr. Worldwide" has strayed much further than his Canadian counterpart from rap in terms of sound and scope, Pitbull as a performer is still rooted in the Hip Hop ethos he started his glittering career with.

Fluff Magazine
Meet Saudi Arabia's Female Fitness Pioneer

® industry studio. In addition to overseeing the studio Fatima also runs award-winning clothing line, Fatima Batook is the leading authority figure in Saudi Arabia's burgeoning Spinning . Not only is she a pioneering female in the space, she's cultivating a community of happy, inspired ladies and proudly watching them blossom through a new love for fitness.
Thank You Bree Newsome, My New She-Ro

Take a moment to let this image sink in. Just yesterday President Barack Obama gave one of the most impassioned speeches of his two-term reign. It was a rousing eulogy at the funeral of Reverend Clementa Pinckney, one of nine innocents slain by a domestic terrorist using the Confederate flag as a symbol of his hatred for Black people inside the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina.

Fluff Magazine
A League Of Her Own: Sue Tsai

How do you know how much to charge for your pieces? Is there a general rule of thumb or do you set your own prices? "When I paint I'm not really thinking about how much I'm going to charge for that piece. I do it for myself and create something I love.
What We're Missing From The Rachel Dolezal Saga

My mother hates movies. Who the hell, I hear you ask, hates movies? Helen Kapsalides, that's who. When I was a kid I'd sit for hours on end and watch movies as diverse as Escape From Sobibor (I was a seven-year-old World War II junkie), West Side Story (oh, how she especially despises musicals) and Back To The Future.

Loaded Lux: Stakes Is High

When JAY Z took to his Twitter account after an extended absence back in September 2012, his first dispatch gave a nod to battle rap's premier act, Loaded Lux. "ya'll gonna get this work" haaaaaa. - Mr. Carter (@S_C_) September 18, 2012 Just one-month prior, Lux used the now instantly recognizable catchphrase as part of his triumphant comeback to the world of battle rap.

Fluff Magazine
Melody Ehsani Talks Inspiration, Challenges & Her "Divine Blueprint"

Inspired by "paradox, controversy, justice and pushing the envelope," the popularity of designer Melody Ehsani 's work continues to grow. Armed with a lifelong desire to create-something she terms her "divine blueprint"-Ehsani has expanded her brand from simple jewelry to a signature product line to most recently, becoming Reebok Classics' preeminent female force.

Fluff Magazine
The Wonderful World Of Dillon Boy

Dillon Boy was born to be an artist. Growing up in Phoenix in a "rough community," James Dillon Wright was told from a young age that his creative gift would take him places. As a teenage loner he dreamed of either playing in a band or acting in movies, but found himself drawn to art as the best way to creatively express himself with no rules.
Remembering Racism As A Child

Ah, Gosford. You were a distant memory tucked away in the back of my mind until Elite Daily brought you back to life this week. What appears to be just a brief blog post shouting out a Christian church for being, you know, Christian and extending well wishes to Islamic passersby commencing Ramadan means so much more to me.

Inside Ice-T's "The Art Of Rap"

Born from a desire to meticulously document the craft of emceeing while its legends are still living, Ice T's Something From Nothing: The Art Of Rap (in theaters June 15) is a deep look into the minds of hip-hop's greatest poets.

Marlon Wayans Looks To Reignite TV Comedy With "Funniest Wins"

Marlon Wayans sits in front of a New York media audience who've just previewed the first episode of his new TBS series, Funniest Wins . The 41-year-old is more restrained in person than his over-the-top personality on celluloid would suggest.

Why "Sydney Vs Everybody" Strikes A Big Nerve

Back in November, I scripted a small note packing a big punch to my personal Facebook account. Snoop Dogg had just posted an image to Instagram about an upcoming Los Angeles version of "Detroit Vs Everybody" (the Eminem-lead track inspired by Tommey Walker's movement) and while that particular cut was make-believe, my belief in my city to produce one wasn't.

A Letter To Iggy Azalea

Dear Iggy, I want to talk to you. I lost all my numbers and had no way to call you, so I've tried emailing and DM'ing you on Twitter with no response. I've asked your record label numerous times to organize an interview with us to no avail (you might want to look into that).

Fluff Magazine
It's Time: Empty Your "Ex" Recycling Bin

Ladies, admit it. Too many guys take up space in your phone even though their expiration date was long ago. They each have distinct personalities but all share the same title: Mr. No Good. There's no better time than today to forget these fellas forever. Here are the men you must delete, delete, delete.

Helping Youth At Risk, One Day At A Time | Live | Fashion. Music. Lifestyle

"What you do in the four years between 13 and 17 will determine what you do for the rest of your life," Claudette C. Faison (pictured above) says to a wide-eyed group of 28 young women assembled for a three-day camp marking the official kick-off for Woman to Woman, a year-long intensive mentoring program with pioneering organization Youth At Risk .

Fluff Magazine
California Love

Featuring handwritten notes, lyrics and poems, interviews and performance footage plus outfits he wore (like the Versace suit he rocked to the 1996 Grammy Awards), All Eyez On Me: The Writings Of Tupac Shakur is the definitive exhibition of the late rapper's work.

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