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Feature story about various popular scams in Canada
華人為SickKids成功籌款250萬 得心應手 眾志成城
Interviews with Directors of the Chinese Cabinet of SickKids Foundation
SickKids病童醫院繽Fun行 幸福持續一個月
Post-event coverage of the fundraising walk
SickKids病童醫院伴我同行 好好說再見
A story about how SickKid's Paediatric Advanced Care Team walked with the patient in the last stage of his life.
Post event coverage of The 9th Annual Live Well with Diabetes Chinese Symposium
Writing coverage and taking photos for the event
SickKids病童醫院破解基因之謎 徐立之為人民服務
Interview with Professor Lap-Chee Tsui (a Chinese-born Canadian geneticist and served as the 14th Vice-Chancellor and President of the University of Hong Kong) and Dr Stephen...
中國學者取經SickKids 我的革命改變
An interview with a pediatrician from China who received training in SickKids Hospital, he described it was a revolutionary experience.


FU HUI Education Foundation - Canada, China, Hong Kong - 福慧教育基金會 | VICommunity
FU HUI education foundation 福慧教育基金會 Mission and Mandate Mission *Enhance and enrich education offerings to underprivileged students in China and Canada *Promote and facilitate...
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