Sherry Conly

Freelance Writer and Journalist

Location icon Canada

I am a writer and editor with a Bachelor of Arts degree. During University I had a strong focus on Journalism, writing and editing short news pieces as well as feature length articles. Following University, I gained years of experience with business writing-- creating proposals, sales documents and various correspondence. I am now putting down roots as a writer for various BC-based magazines with articles in print and online format.

My portfolio is designed to demonstrate my flexibility with genre, and I have included everything from blog posts to an events column. If there is anything you'd like to see that is not included, please let me know and I'd be happy to share additional items.

Cari Burdett

2016 VIMA (Vancouver Island Music Awards) 'Vocalist of the Year', Cari Burdett's rich alto voice stirs the heart as she takes listeners around the world. Fusing genres of folk, jazz and art song in five languages, Burdett's style, 'Dramatic Cabaret' is the culmination of years of study and performance.

Vancouver Island University Navigator
VIU Strike Deadline

Article about the impending faculty strike at Vancouver Island University

Vancouver Island University Navigator
Post Strike

An article detailing life at Vancouver Island University after the faculty strike.

Business Clips

Tapping In To New Technology

As technology continues to evolve, new applications, programs, and devices have transformed the typical business tool set from in-office computers and software to handheld devices that can be used on work sites.

Point One Media Inc., Publishers for the trades.
Digital Properties

Forest Industry Network Focus - North American Forestry & Wood Processing Industry Forest Industry Network is the industry's leading service and supply directory for the North American forest... I interned for Point One Media and wrote and edited several articles and blog posts for their publications, including The Trowel, Wall and Ceiling, and the Forest Industry Network.

LinkedIn Pulse

If you haven't made the switch yet, here are the top five reasons to try a headset on for size: Save your back and neck from strain. 8 hours a day of cradling a handset between your ear and shoulder is horrific on back and neck muscles and overall posture.

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Beyond the tin can and string model

Why would I need these features? I'm commonly asked this question when a client is looking at updating their communications system. Why would you need any features when your phone makes and receives calls just fine?