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Sherene Strahan

Freelance journalist-writer

Location icon Australia

I've worked in tv journalism, in teaching, in marketing & communications.
I've raised two sons, lived in Indonesia, been an army wife and earned degrees in Sociology and Education.

I write about People; Family Life; Seniors & Aged Care; Education & Learning. About the internal journeys that connect us. And about anything that makes me go, Wow - more people should know this.

I also coach women to develop their thought leadership (sherenestrahan.com).
We need more women's voices in the world.



Helena College blog
Old Helenian at NASA

A short blog post celebrating the achievements of an alumnus, written as Marketing & Communications Manager for the college.

The Cultural Times
Far from harmless

A short examination of the power of language, commissioned by RedHead Communications for their independent quarterly magazine.

Blog (sherenestrahan.com)

Sherene Strahan | Thought Leadership for Women
Community Power

It takes four elements to form a great community.

Sherene Strahan | Thought Leadership for Women
Not 'just' words

'The meanings of words are not in words; they are in us'. SI Hayakawa

A lesson in marketing from Coco Chanel

When Coco Chanel launched her first fragrance, the now classic Chanel No.5, she did it without advertising or marketing. She did it by building an audience.

Content Marketing

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