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Shawnna Stiver

Content Manager. Copy Strategist. Storyteller

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I'm a Chicago Cubs fan who does content marketing, in that order.

As a veteran content strategist with more than 15 years of experience, I've seen how crazy publishing on multiple deadlines can get. If you’re looking for a conceptual writer who can not only come up with the "big ideas" but deliver clean, SEO-friendly, 600-word content, email subject lines that convert, social copy that engages or a press release all in a day’s work…please check out my attached resume. Since the AP Stylebook and I are old friends, I’ll be able to hit the ground running—and whether it’s churning out a few articles per day, analyzing evergreen content, building a brand through copy or managing multiple contributors, I can do it all.

I've had the pleasure of writing traditional, digital and social content for the following industries: Beauty, DIY/Home Improvement, Ecommerce, Entrepreneurship, Financial Services, Health/Wellness, Lifestyle, Non-Profit, Parenting and Self-Improvement.

BRB, I'm on deadline.


Brand Development

Content Marketing
Kind Co.

Online platform connecting kind-hearted people to brands that make a difference. Spreading the power of positivity, one kind company at a time.

Brand Guidelines
Brand Guidelines | Kind Co.

Comprehensive brand guidelines that showcase the Kind Co. brand, including pillars, brand positioning, visual identity and editorial overview.

Article Writing
This Podcast Wants to Add More Joy to Your Life | Kind Co.

New York Times best-selling author Gary Zukov said, "Your pain is an opportunity for you to learn about yourself." Although the lesson was physically painful, Weiss used it as a teachable moment. It was the first time in her life she was forced to take care of herself.

Email Marketing
A Warm Welcome from Kind Co. ✨ | Kind Co.

January is a month full of magical new beginnings which makes it the perfect time to send the very first Kind Co. newsletter! If you're reading this, thank you for subscribing. Your time is precious and I don't take that for granted.

Content Management

Content Strategy

Article Writing
Pros and Cons of Rock Flower Beds | Family Handyman

To fill in flower beds, homeowners often choose between mulch and rock-based groundcovers like gravel, pebbles, volcanic rock and stones. Can't decide whether to use rocks or mulch for your flower bed design? Know the pros and cons of rock flower beds so you can decide what works best for your landscaping ideas.

Article Writing
Top Products Bought by Homeowners, Installed By Pros | Construction Pro Tips

Take a look at homeowners' top product purchases that still required the help of a professional for installation. Even with DIY exploding in popularity in recent years, thanks in part to shows on HGTV and the DIY Network, some product installations unequivocally require the expertise of a professional.

Blog Writing
Why is Self-Care Important? And What Are the Benefits? | Cratejoy

Self-care is an importance practice to maintain balance, happiness, and well-being. But, making time for self-care can be difficult, so we've created a list of simple self-care practices that you can easily add into your daily routine.

Article Writing
Which Homeowners Hire Pros the Most? | Construction Pro Tips

Remodeling Study: More than a third of all home improvement projects require the help of a professional remodeler. Professionals are still a key component of home improvement projects, even with DIY consistently increasing in popularity.

Article Writing
Study: 35% of all Home Improvement Projects Require A Pro | Construction Pro Tips

DIY has exploded in popularity in recent years, but professionals remain a key player in home remodeling projects. With the variety of resources available that show how to do just about any home improvement project, many homeowners choose DIY over hiring professional contractors. But just because homeowners can, it doesn't necessarily mean they should.

Blog Writing
6 Reasons Why You Need a Momcation | Bitsy Boxes

If you don't remember the last time you had some time to yourself, whether for self-care, silence or simply to breathe, you need a momcation. AKA, a full-on vacation by your lonesome, without the hubby or children.

Blog Writing
5 Nursery Trends We Love for 2019 | Bump Boxes

The new year is upon us and if you're anxiously awaiting baby, then this time for you is full of new beginnings, hope and excitement. Raising a tiny human brings an endless stream of decisions, but one you can check off that's relatively easy and dare we say a whole lotta fun is decorating baby's...

SEO Writing
8 Subscription Boxes for Practicing Mindfulness | Cratejoy

Merging the ancient Eastern art of meditation with the everyday act of being present in the moment, mindfulness is seeing a revival as people seek more balance in their day to day. Make it a daily habit to align your mind, body and spirit and...


Personal Essay
How rapid prototyping disproves the myth of failure

Google X co-founder Tom Chi created the Google Glass prototype in just 45 minutes, and he did so with binder clips, hair bands, a white board and a pair of chopsticks. The process is called "rapid prototyping" and it involves taking a vision and turning it into a tangible model that can be tested, changed and rebuilt multiple times.

Magazine Writing
Art in Motion | dsm Magazine

Written by Shawnna Stiver Photos by INEZ It started as a sketch on a napkin. Des Moines photographers Jami Graves and Joe Crimmings had a vision to take Des Moines landmarks and bring them to life through a dancer.

Magazine Writing
Women Who Wine | dsm Magazine

Written by Shawnna Stiver Photos by Tom Woolery [dropcap]T[/dropcap]he scene in Tom Woolery's IKONIX Studio in late July resembled a busy, lively fashion photo shoot. More than 50 glammed-up women piled in at various times to take advantage of a free head shot while enjoying wine and conversation with other women.

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