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Kathleen Shaw


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I produce high-quality, accessible stories for Capital News Service. My coverage experience ranges from whimsical editorials to hard news government stories. Starting in May, I will be looking for a new reporting agency to work with.

Washington Post
Governor proposes raising taxes to improve interstates

Drivers would see improvements to interstate highways across Virginia if the General Assembly approves $280 million in budget amendments recommended by Gov. Ralph Northam, but state residents and truckers would pay additional taxes and fees.

Washington Post
Lawmakers seek information on prisoner segregation

Lawmakers and prison reform advocates are pushing three bills through the General Assembly that would force the Virginia Department of Corrections to track and share records of inmates in solitary confinement.

USA Today
Virginia lawmakers agree to $3 billion plan to clean coal ash ponds

Virginians could see an additional $5 charge on their power bills after Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam, Republican House Speaker Kirk Cox and a bipartisan group of legislators announced an agreement Thursday to clean up large ponds of toxic coal ash throughout the state.

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