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Seamus Mullins

Video Game Communications Specialist and Journalist

Location icon Australia

I'm a writer at heart with a passion to always be learning more about video games and the talented, hardworking creators behind them and to tell their stories.

I'm currently the Editor-in-Chief for ModDB and IndieDB, helping to spotlight incredible and unique games and mods to the world and helping the provide a platform for them to grow communities.

I've covered the video game industry in print, online, on radio and in video across several publications over the years including for IGN Entertainment, GameSpot, Red Bull Games, AusGamers, Press Start Australia, PC World AU and more. This has included doing news and covering events such as PAX, The Game Awards and E3, creating in-depth features, conducting interviews with video game creators from around the world, and of course reviews!

Check out some of my work below and if you have any questions about my experiences and skills feel free to email me through the contact form or message me on Twitter, my DMs are always open!


Recent Work

Escapist Magazine
Untitled Goose Game Lets You Get Away with Being a Jerk

Untitled Goose Game seems to have taken over social media in the past few weeks, inspiring fan art and memes based on the goose causing havoc. The game has been dubbed “Metal Gear Goose,” since you spend time sneaking behind the backs of simple townsfolk, causing mischief and mayhem wherever you waddle.

PC World
20 Essential Party Games On PC And Console To Play With Family And Friends

Over the years we've played many great party games, from deadly co-op puzzlers to quirky competitive dating sims. This is our definitive list of the best party games out there, regardless of whether you play on a PC or a console. Be sure to consult this list before heading away for your next family trip or orchestrating your next games night. There’s something for everyone here.

PC World
Want to play Rainbow Six Siege? Here are the best tips on how to get started.

Despite having a rocky start, Rainbow Six: Siege is now one of the best and most popular team shooters in the world. With over 30 million registered players, a bustling eSports scene and new modes such as Operation Chimera being brought into the fold in recent months, now is a better time than ever to jump in.

Why Dying Light Co-op Was the Perfect Way to Stay Close to My Brother

Video games can be a great way to connect and bond with others, especially over long distances. We were just finishing up a long mission and were heading back to one of the hubs, hoping to reach it ahead of the looming night, during which Dying Light 's most dangerous threats appear.


Why Max from Life is Strange Is the Most Relatable Video Game Character I've Ever Played

And how her journey to defeat her anxieties helped me through my own. [SPOILERS FOR LIFE IS STRANGE SEASON ONE TO FOLLOW.] At the start of 2015 I was in the middle of my third university degree after dropping out of the previous two, had just come out of my most serious relationship to date and had moved into a share house to live independently for the first time


Flipping Death Review: Scythe Life

Despite its focus on death and the afterlife, Flipping Death is a charming and wholesome adventure. Its zany and often eccentric characters bring the well-paced story to life with fantastic voice acting and a gorgeous 2D art style. Despite some frustrating platforming elements, its campy humor and satisfying puzzle mechanics make it a delightful journey throughout.

Vampyr Review

At its core Vampyr has an intriguing hook and setting. You take control of a renowned doctor who has recently been turned into a vampire, in a post World War 1 London plagued by the terrifying Spanish Flu epidemic

Pixels Rising
A couple's review of Florence, a game about young love and life

Florence is a visual novel and mobile game about young love and the many highs and lows which inevitably accompany it. Developed by Melbourne game studio Mountains, Florence was inspired by slice of life graphic novels and web-comics, to create an artistically stunning game which is intimate and very personal.


Press Start Australia
Australian Games Industry In Victoria Set To Receive Another Huge Boost

The Australian video game industry in Victoria is receiving another huge boost in regards to funds, as the Victorian State Government announced today they are investing $654,000 to support more Australian developers. This funding is specifically to support nine Victorian studios to help them develop and release new digital games, which range from a Cyberpunk ...

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