Jackson Denton

Creatively Homeschooled in the Real World

Location icon United States

Greetings! My name is Jackson Robert Denton and I am 13 years old and currently navigating the academics of the 7th grade. I am the oldest of four children. This job is not always an easy one but my mom says that God knew I could handle the responsibilities of being the oldest so He sent me first. My brother Hampton is 11 years old and my sisters, Kennedy and Harper, are respectively 9 and 6. I am blessed to live with both of my parents and our seven animals complete our wild and crazy family. We have two cats, three labs and two spoiled yorkiepoos.
Spending time with my family on trips and at church are things that I enjoy. I also have several hobbies including playing basketball and football. There are more profound activities that I appreciate as well, such as, reading, listening to the musical accomplishments of Bob Dylan, John Prine and Billy Joel and I love "tickling the ivories" when I get the chance. I hope that you will enjoy the writings that I have selected to include in my portfolio.

This portfolio is dedicated to my mom, Lauren, because of all the dedication and devotion she gives to my life.