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Hi, I'm Sayou! I'm a freelance journalist, writer and creative. This is an archive of all my print and multi-media work.



The Alliance
Hip-Hop's 50th: Activist Martha Diaz's Journey Through the Artform - The Alliance

As hip-hop celebrates its 50th anniversary, revered community organizer and educator Martha Diaz details her journey and love for the culture. By Sayou Cooper - Martha Diaz is a very busy hip-hop head. Whether it's her MacArthur Civic Media Fellowship at the USC Annenberg Lab, her role as Executive Director for the Hip Hop Education Center or...

Borderless Magazine NFP
Black Immigrants Today: Agnes Kanjinga - Borderless

Martine Séverin for Borderless Magazine Pew Research estimates 1 in 10 Black people in the United States is an immigrant. In Black Immigrants Today, Borderless Magazine spoke to Black immigrants around Chicago about their homes, their lives, and the challenges they faced coming to the U.S.

Chicago curfew for teens draws concern from community members

The Chicago City Council has officially implemented a citywide curfew for minors. On May 17, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot signed an executive order that would alter the city's 30-year-old curfew for minors. Last week, the curfew became permanent after approval from the Chicago City Council, with the measure approved by a 30-19 vote.


Dear hip-hop, can you hear me? - Missing Perspectives

Every evening I have a ritual. After smoking a joint, I get deliriously high and take a walk around my neighborhood. With my headphones cemented to my ears, I'm always listening to rap. Tonight's pick: Baby Keem's "Orange Soda". As I nod my head in union to the melodic track, I can't help but cringe at certain parts.

Fodors Travel Guide
Don't Make These Racist Mistakes When Traveling in the Global South

Be a better and more mindful traveler with these five simple steps. As global exchange reopens, how can tourists change an industry deeply rooted in colonialism and imperialism, specifically in the global South? For context, the global South refers broadly to the regions of Latin America, Asia, Africa, and Oceania."