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Sara is a psychology graduate from london with a deep admiration for culture, experience and nature.

The Hijabi Monologues: Muslim Voices Tell Their Stories In Theatre

by in Sara Tofiq Uncategorized A relatively new and exciting project has been released in international theatres, aiming to provide a safe space for Muslim women to share their unique and untold stories. The Hijabi Monologues delves into the diverse experiences of Muslim women across the world.

Discussing Mental Health In The Muslim Community - We Should Talk About It

by in Sara Tofiq Daily Life The stigma that is currently present in today's atmosphere is the result of a society that has suppressed speaking out loud about one's own vulnerabilities. Our weaknesses - they are hidden from the world, and locked away in a chest that is stored in our minds.

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This Is What Ramadan Is About

As the sun sets on a cool June evening, Muslims across the UK prepare to break their fast. The eating of sweet dates from across the Middle East and drinking of cool water is a hallmark of this evening meal.

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The Middle East's Mental Health Crisis

There's a silent crisis in the middle east that is hectically expanding when looking at health reports, the number of specialised services available and the number of clinicians employed in the region. I'm talking about the lack of attention and care given to one's mental health, within their communities and on a larger scale, within their countries.

Modest Fashion is Everywhere! But Where Are Its Roots?

by in Sara Tofiq Fashion When tracing the roots of modest fashion, it becomes clear that its history has been long lost and forgotten. From the early eighth century, which was dominated by the Islamic Empire, to the Ottoman Turks in the fourteenth century, modest clothing has been designed and worn by women from many different cultures and backgrounds.