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Sarah Woodard is a writer based in Southern New Hampshire. She enjoys bringing stories, issues, and topics to life with words and pictures. In addition to writing, Sarah is a beekeeper, Reiki Master Teacher, martial artist holding a black belt in Muay Thai Kickboxing. In her free time, Sarah enjoys spending time with her boyfriend and playing with their four cats.

Biscotte yarns
Knitting App Makes Patterns for Any Size Yarn a Snap

What's a knitter to do? You found the most amazing yarn and just had to have it. So, you bought a skein or two, but now you've got to find a pattern to make that suits the yarn, fits the gauge, and works with the needle size you want to use.

Beehive and equipment choices for the beekeeper - PerfectBee

Hives and equipment are a significant investment, which have long-term impacts on the success of the hive and the enjoyment of the beekeeper. When choosing a hive, it is important to take into account the necessity and cost of any additional equipment needed as well as the initial cost of the hive and any potentially recurring costs associated with a given hive style.

Think Spirit
Reiki, the Biofield and Science - Think Spirit

Popular belief is that energy medicine techniques are metaphysical and do not have any scientific basis. Emerging studies, using the most up-to-date technology have begun to prove a scientific basis for complementary medicine such as Reiki (pronounced Ray-key). To understand the science behind Reiki, you must begin with the biofield.

Stop Use of Oil Industry Wastewater on Organic Crops

Target: Tom Vilsak, Secretary of Agriculture Goal: End the use of toxin-laced water on crops later sold as organic foods to consumers. Current USDA standards allow organic crops to be hydrated with water used in fracking and other oil industry activity as they do not regulate water sources for these food sources.

Bart the Dumpster Dog
Bart's Animal Cam Roundup - Bart the Dumpster Dog

Animal rescue organizations are typically known for their work with pets, but that's not all they do. Some work with wild animals to make sure they're safe and cared for. Zoos and other animal rescue groups focused on wild animals often use an animal cam to share antics with the public and as an education tool.

Purchasing and installing your bees - PerfectBee

IntroductionWith the hive set to go and all appropriate gear purchased and waiting, it's now time to buy bees and install them in the hive. This is the most fun, and most challenging, part of the process. The process begins by locating a source for your bees.

Make Sure Donations for Wounded Veterans Are Used Effectively

Target: Steven Nardizzi, Wounded Warrior Project CEO Goal: Use money raised to provide mental health, case management, and other necessary services to wounded veterans. Veterans and former employees of the Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) assert that the project is more a fundraising vehicle than a substantial program to aide veterans who require multiple forms of assistance.

Elephant Journal
6 Steps to Embrace Change like a Butterfly.

Via Sarah Woodard on Nov 12, 2014 It's scary and it can be painful and it's usually a lot easier to just keep going with the status quo. How many people stay in jobs that aren't fulfilling, relationships that aren't loving, living spaces that aren't home or any other less than ideals simply because the notion of making the leap into that great unknown and making a change paralyzes them?

Bart the Dumpster Dog
New Crowdfunding Site Helps Pet Rescues - Bart the Dumpster Dog

Thanks to the loving care of animal rescue organization workers and volunteers, Bart the Dumpster Dog had a safe place to stay before he found his furever home. PoundWishes hopes to give this same happy ending to all pets who wind up in a shelter.

Nashua, NH Patch
Entrepreneur Works to Make Beekeeping Accessible for Everyone

Long-time program manager for a large software company, Mark Williams, is undertaking a new venture to make beekeeping accessible for everyone. Williams began PerfectBee in 2015 with the vision of a 3-step process to bring people from curious to beginner beekeeper.

Maya Angelou Project

I've decided to capture all that I love about Maya Angelou's work with #ProjectMayaAngelou I hope you find her words as inspiring and enjoyable as I do. Photo credit: Adria Richards/Flickr

Business Proposal

A proposal I wrote for a prospective client when I owned a small business.

Press Release

Earth Day press release written for the New Hampshire chapter of the Sierra Club. It was sent to, and published by, several local media outlets. Photo credit: Cliff/Flickr

Monthly Newsletter

One of several newsletters written for a startup IT business. I used MailChimp to design, compose, and distribute the email newsletters, which were written in conjunction with the business owner.