Sarah McNeill


United Kingdom

Exceptional Copywriter with extensive experience crafting clear and compelling content for digital media.

With a marketing background in the field of peace and reconciliation, I can truthfully claim to know people and what makes them tick.

As a seasoned creative writer and copywriter I possess a talent for producing on-the-spot clever content that raises a chuckle, invites contemplation and crucially, makes a sale. Always on-brand, my content will boost client presence with consistent and imaginative messaging that converts audience engagement to solid sales.

R Gill, Photography. Commercial, Property and Food Photographer
How to Create Engaging Content That Your Audience Will Love

"All content is good content." "As long as you get it out there you'll reap the rewards." As much as we'd all like that to be true, it just isn't the case! To build long lasting relationships and brand familiarity your business must seriously consider creating content, whether video, photography or the written word, that will strongly engage with its target demographic.

R Gill, Photography. Commercial, Property and Food Photographer
3 Step Approach to Connect with your Customers in a Crisis

It's time to step up. Coronavirus is dominating every conversation, every action and every thought, so how can we rise above it all and think clearly about the future? How can we possibly help our current (and potential) customers when we're worrying about symptoms, shopping and social isolation?

R Gill, Photography. Commercial, Property and Food Photographer
Cumbrian Photographer Undertakes County-wide Project for Council

Kendal-based photographer Richard Gill of R Gill Photography combined his technical skill with local knowledge to produce a series of diverse photographs for Cumbria County Council. In all, he snapped 400 photos and travelled over 1,500 miles.

Rebecca Watson Brand Designer
Show your true colours! - Rebecca Watson Brand Designer

We've nattered about the importance of finding your brand voice, prepping your photoshoots and generally fine tuning your brand personality, but what about that all important colour palette? How important can those shimmering hues and tones really be to the success of your business? The answer: very!