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Sam Woolfe

Freelance Writer & Blogger

Location icon United Kingdom

I'm a freelance writer and blogger who is passionate about creating insightful, engaging, and impactful content.

I have experience covering a wide range of areas, including mental health, psychology, tech, sustainability, travel, and careers.

Philosophical Outlook & Mental Well-Being

Your complimentary articles Schopenhauer If you have a pessimistic philosophical outlook on the world then it makes sense that you would also feel miserable. However, there is more to the notion that your philosophy is tied to your mental well-being than just the idea that pessimism is worse for your mental health than optimism.

Figaro Digital
Plant-Based Power: The Marketing Behind Vegan Products - Figaro Digital

The popularity of veganism is skyrocketing in the UK. Market expert Mintel announced that the UK is now the world leader in vegan food launches, a position long held by Germany. And record numbers of people have signed up to Veganuary. There are different reasons why veganism is on the rise in the UK.

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why millennials have become obsessed with work | Inspiring Interns

Despite being stereotyped as lazy, entitled, and workshy, millennials are proving to be quite the opposite. A lot of young people are obsessed with working hard. But young people's dedication to their work isn't necessarily something to be lauded. Many millennials are hyper-dedicated to their work - obsessed to the point of burnout.

Undercover Recruiter
How to Find the Best Candidates for Remote Roles

Remote working is on the rise, with predictions that 50% of all workers will be doing their jobs remotely by 2020. There are, in fact, many companies that are completely remote. Sara Sutton Fell, CEO of FlexJobs, doesn't think half the workforce will be 100% remote by then, but she does argue we will be working remotely half the time.

How a Men's Support Group Helped My Depression

Men's support groups can provide a space free of toxic masculinity where men can be authentic without fear of rejection A year ago, I never would have imagined that I'd be telling a group of guys I had never met before about my struggles with depression.

Stop giving unsolicited mental health advice | MHT

When someone opens up about their mental health difficulties, it is common for them to be met with advice about how to "fix" the problem. This kind of reaction to a disclosure is understandable. Often, unsolicited advice comes from a good place.

How the Culture of Presenteeism Hurts Employees and Employers

"Presenteeism" refers to the practice of being present at work but not productive, whether due to illness, disengagement, stress, or some other factor. The culture of presenteeism is widespread. According to one global study, the average worker loses 53.5 days' worth of productivity to presenteeism every year.

How to Raise Your Freelancing Rates

5 min read This story originally appeared on Personal Branding Blog When you start out in your freelancing career, you may find yourself working for quite low rates. How low this rate will be will, of course, vary between careers and industries.

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