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4 Things We All Need To Teach Our Sons About Gender Equality

On an almost daily basis I am met with social media campaigns and news headlines that both overtly and subliminally prompt my reflections on feminism. When combined with my own, very singular female experience, I often find myself thinking about how my future daughters or granddaughters will fair in this system.

4 Self-Commitments All 20-Somethings Should Make In This Day And Age

Navigating the time that is your 20s can be frightening and fantastic all in the same breath. Though the image of a grand destination may seem comforting in theory, the journey really is never that simple. At 24, I have come to learn only a few lessons about life, love and all that exists in-between.

From College To Career: 10 Truths About What The Real World Is Really Like

For those of us who have officially outgrown the kind of enjoyable oblivion that the college experience promises, moving toward a 9-to-5 grind is, at best, a transition. Looking back, the lessons we each learned during those first few months of undergrad life were what helped us to navigate the next four years.

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10 Things People Who Practice Self-Love Do

If there is one topic that promises to elicit discussion, it is undoubtedly the topic of love. Either in search for or defense of, love has instigated people to face fears, suffer loss and even meet death in its name. And we hear it all the time- love of country, love of faith, love of family.

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6 Thoughts On Emotion, Growth And What It Means To Be Truly Human

If someone were to ask you to describe the most important lesson you've learned from life thus far, how would you respond? Because I'm not sure I could. But that's not to say I haven't tried. As an inherently anxious thinker, I cannot remember a time in which I wasn't instinctively reflective.

3 Unlikely Emotions That Spark Motivation And Positivity Within

By our very nature, we, as humans, are programmed to exist as impassioned creatures; creatures who ride through waves of emotions on a regular basis. Feelings of happiness are easy; they are the ones to which we look forward with anticipation and the ones on which we affectionately reflect.

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Be The One To Show Up

Show up for the people you love. Show up because life with a ghost or a memory or a halfway anything, is not much of a life at all. Let them know you're there-even if only in the most broken and imperfectly human way possible.

Soul Anatomy
The Strength Complex

I tend to disagree with that sentiment. Somewhere along the winding road of human development, society veered off course. Our sense of navigation went awry, and amid a mix of disorientation and "progress" came the dangerous notion that strength should be solitary.

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When Your Wanting Crumbles

Look around you. Look hard, but never deep. Let the scrutiny burn and the examination exhaust as it moves from pupil to pupil. See what they are doing, having, enjoying. Glorify the image of that distant ivory tower, floating above the little space in which you occupy. Crave it from below.

Soul Anatomy
Breathing In The Big

I used to believe my insides were built too big. That beneath my small frame of humanity lied a depth too tremendous in size, too weighted with intensity. I felt too much. I was too much to love. I was on overload, my nerves maxed out with fear because there was too much in me for one body to hold.


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8 More Reasons To Definitely Love Dating A Dog Owner

When it comes to dating, navigating the ins and outs of getting to know someone can be pretty challenging stuff. From likes and dislikes to chemistry and attraction-there is so much that goes into even the notion of a relationship.

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39 Irrational Thoughts Girls Have When Growing Out Their Hair

Sam Maracic in Women I'll start by setting the scene: After years of the same old look, you find yourself overwhelmed by an insatiable desire for something new. A change, perhaps, which will propel you into an entirely novel phase of life, love or whatever else you are hoping to channel (this week).

Why Our Generation is Forgetting to be Faithful

There is no party like a Gen-Y party, and as a firm believer in the 'work hard, play hard' mentality, I'd have to agree that enjoying our youth while it is upon us is the only way to go. In fact, if there is one thing our generation is good at, it's mastering this mindset.

5 Simple Rules For Surviving The Ladies Bathroom Line

Only a female can truly comprehend the production that is waiting in line for the bathroom. But I'm not talking about any bathroom, I am talking about one scenario in particular, the one that brings about a little bit of angst in nearly every girl at some point or another: the bathroom line at the bar.

The 6 Signs You're The Hot Mess Nobody Wants To Be Around At The Bar

No matter how you slice it, if there's one thing we ladies love to do, it's indulge in an occasional night out. Blame it on stress at work, too many papers, or just the justifiable need to let our hair down; we all need to get a little crazy from time to time.

The Sane Life Lessons We Can Learn From The Insanity Of Miley Cyrus

Whether you're a fan of the twerking queen or love the idea of shipping her to a remote island for the remainder of 2014, there is no denying that Miley Cyrus has gotten everyone talking. From her barely-there outfits to her confusing on stage performances, Cyrus has epitomized the idea of pushing boundaries.

Why It's Not The End Of The World That He Never Texted

Whether you're reeling from a breakup or stressing post-hookup, substitute the guy and the scenario is fairly standard. One day passes, and it's only a matter of time before you hear from him. Three days go by. Eh, he's probably just slammed at work. Then, it happens.

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