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I am a current Ohio State communications major. My goal with communication is to convey a message that is impactful and accurate. I am a determined young professional, who believes communication is at the center of all organizations. As a student interested in taking my communications degree toward business, I am strongly focused on connections and relationships in order to convey an accurate and concise message to the media. My concerned and driven attitude sets me apart and makes those around me understand my good intentions to do well.

New Press Release

I did this on Microsoft word online and when I tried to convert it to a PDF it changed how my paper was formatted at the top. I do not know why and could not figure out how to fix it. For immediate release and the date should be on the left not the right. Please grade me on the one I turned into Carmen which is in word format not PDF. Thanks!

SWOT Analysis

this is not the exact grid you gave us, but I created my own just how you had yours set up

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Media Alert

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