Saja Elmishri

Freelance writer and research

United Kingdom

Freelance writer and researcher that writes about sustainable fashion, textiles, lifestyle and cultural appropriation. Also advises on material selection and work as a consultant and many more. If you would like to hire me for commissioned work please get in touch at selmishri at gmail . com

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Curated Today
Leadership: How to Navigate New Work Environments - Curated Today

Ask them. Most humans are actually quite terrible at getting a real sense of their environment without data. There is no better way to measure your team's motivation and come up with ways to re-energize them than to have a simple conversation with the team, as individuals or as a group about what is getting in their way.

Curated Today
Unlocking Gen Z's Purchasing Potential - Curated Today

Consider the lifestyle of Gen-Z especially during the Covid-19 pandemic and how they are responding to it. Now more than ever, they are seeking news in a dynamic way, but at the same time, they are also looking for ways to keep up with current trends.

Making a Difference: Kinda Afifi

Kinda Afifi began in 2020 when the conditions in Lebanon were getting worse by the minute. A lot of people might say that starting a business during the harsh conditions Lebanon might have not been the best move. However, after extensive research I found out that Lebanon hosts close to 450,000 Palestinian refugees in 12 camps.

Could 'Clubhouse' be the Next Big Thing for Brands?

Most retailers that have closed their physical stores have had to come up with creative ways of delivering an impactful and virtual shopping experience. Therefore during these times, retailers have to consider how to use and leverage new technology or apps in this case, that will help them with attracting an audience that is knowledge hungry on specific topics and that wants to spend money on things that matter .