Sabrina Adeni

English Instructor and Freelance Writer

I am an English language instructor offering my skills as a content creator, editor, and proof reader.

The Score Magazine August 2014

Featuring Amit Trivedi on the cover, MaatiBaani as our Band of the month this issue is 60 page treat. Read on for the latest on Rock, Electronica, Carnatic and Bollywood music.

The Score Magazine
Indie Reviews - June 2014

This month we review a slew of desi electronica, Lifafa with 'chudail-step', Samved's twist on the classic Hindustani and sultry, party-mingling music courtesy The Bartender. Follow me as I introduce you to the nostalgic landscapes of Tajdar Junaid's newest indie album and the familiar bars of alt-rock by Black Letters.

The Score Magazine
Indie Reviews - May 2014

Mind-altering bhakti rock, minimal electronica to rock you to sleep, instrumental progressions from a dream world, a confluence of Hindustani and jazz and a rude awakening to 20’s throwback with electro-swing; this month’s Indie Reviews are a coalescent cauldron of traditional-twists and the unconventional.

The Score Magazine
Musical Child Prodigies

In an industry as vast as ours, it's just as easy to overlook certain exemplary artists as it is to find wonderful ones. There is one such breed of musicians that has been cropping up undetected under the surface: our child prodigies. Musical reality shows cater to only a certain brand of vocalists, and our pianists, table maestros, and western vocalists find no place on such stages. We undertook to showcase the talent of a few such young musical geniuses. Read on, and be awe-struck!

The Score Magazine
Empowered Female Musicians Everyone Needs To Know

For a woman, to be a musician already requires a fair measure of mettle. The women we speak about in this article, however, take it up a notch with their titanium wills and untamable spirits. With this segment we focus your attention towards some such empowered female musicians that everyone should know about... just because.

The Score Magazine
Gig Review - Chronic Blues Circus

"After all the investigation, all of the technique-doesn't matter! Only if the feeling is right..." ― John Coltrane If you've ever seen the Chronic Blues Circus live, you would certainly agree with Mr. Coltrane. When the bars of rhyme ring through the guitars and mingle with the brass tone of the sax, you feel it alright...