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Ideanote's free guide: How to build a successful startup

If you've been in the entrepreneurial world even for a bit, you probably know startups are fragile and volatile. Many startups pop the champagne for their second birthday and then a month after they're already gone and forgotten. According to Startup Genome Report Extra on Premature Scaling , more than 90% of startups fail due to the self-destruction rather than competition.

Idea management in teams: The case of Ideanote

Idea management platform does wonders for your team. Not only it helps you build and manage your team, but it also creates engagement and innovation. Who doesn't want to work in an active environment where all ideas are taken into consideration, acted upon and praised? We all do.

Financial innovation and how it evolved since the 60's

Financial innovation. Two words that aren't always taken lightly or rather positively. Some blame it for the financial crisis that has created the global recession, but some nurture it because it makes life pretty convenient. If we look 5 years back, a lot of the online activities were pretty new back then.


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3 Examples of Inspiring Innovation in Fashion Tech - Ideanote

Fashion and technology. One is warm and soft, another one is cold and sharp. However, these two go together better than bread and cheese. When we think about wearable technology, the first thing to come to mind is still wrist devices or fitness trackers.

Health tech startups changing the healthcare and the world

Healthcare industry being so bureaucratic might seem untouchable, even immune to disruption by innovators. However, the new kids on the block, tech entrepreneurs are changing the game. Their products range from apps to robots that are not only changing healthcare, but they're making a difference by allowing people to have more control over their personal health.

Innovation in education and how it works around the globe

Innovation in education can be found in services, programmes and partnerships. Educational institutions around the world are working on constant improvements for their students. However, not all innovation is tangible when it comes to education. There is also philosophical innovation, like the forest model for example. Read about it down below.

Why are Scandinavian countries the most innovative in the world ?

The Scandinavian super trio has always been the trendsetter when it comes to the generous welfare system, work-life balance or the environmental habits. Sweden, Norway, and Denmark have it all figured out. Another thing the trio has been praised for is the high level of innovative concepts - Sweden took the and Denmark followed up on the 8th in 2016 as the World's Most innovative countries.