Ryan Brown

Location icon United States

My name is Ryan. I graduated Class of 2018 from Texas A&M University with a degree in both English and Anthropology, as I found it impossible to separate my love of writing from my love of people and culture. Writing has always felt like the most natural way for me to communicate, and I enjoy the immense variety of forms that it can take. My time working with mediums ranging from poetry to screenplays to formal research papers has never ceased to provide me with learning opportunities that have allowed me to grow and improve as a writer and I hope the journey continues a long ways into the future.

TAMU English Course
Mock Screenplay

Full screenplay written as part of "Creative Writing: Screenplays" course

TAMU English Course
Poetry Portfolio

Small poetry portfolio created for a Creative Writing Course.

TAMU English Course
Position Paper

Film analysis as part of a Queer Literature course.

TAMU English Course
Mock Advice Column

A mock advice column written as part of an assignment for a Women Writers course.