Ruth Clark

Freelance Travel + Wellness Writer

Ruth Clark is a solo world traveler, writer, empath, artist, and teacher. Her most recent essays have been featured in Modern Trekker, HelloGiggles, and Women's Agenda, as well as within her own business, Ruth Clark Creative. Her work focuses on travel, wellness, and authentic living.

Ruth earned a B.A. in English from the University of Connecticut, with minor degrees in Sociology and International Studies. In addition to freelance writing, she is an ESL teacher, hand lettering designer, and amateur photographer. With a passion for exploration and human connection, Ruth is currently exploring the U.S. and discovering where she calls home.

United States of America



How "The Office" helped me through my depression in college

I was a deeply depressed college sophomore who couldn't get out of bed when watching "The Office" helped me find my way out of a dark place.


Stage four endometriosis forced me to learn to take care of myself

When I was diagnosed with stage four endometriosis in my early 20s, I'd never heard of the disease and didn't know what it was like to be unhealthy. Managing my pain forced me...

Ruth Clark

30 things I've learned in my 30 years (+ 8 pieces of advice from some of my wisest friends)

Admittedly, the last few months have been really tough ones. If we're being honest here (and we are, right?) depression and anxiety have reared their ugly heads and I've felt a...

Modern Trekker

Train Travel in Myanmar: What I Wish I'd Known - Modern Trekker

The taxi rumbled over the bumpy, dirt roads of Bagan as we navigated towards the train station. My stomach flip-flopped a bit as I anticipated the journey ahead-a seven-hour...


What I wish I could tell my childhood self about being single and leaving my 20s

When I was 7 years old, I'd play house and imagine naming all of my babies. I'm turning 30 - and that's not my reality. But I couldn't be happier about it.


How homeschool and grief created an unbreakable bond with my siblings

My siblings and I are closer than most, with our rocky childhood creating a bond in our adulthoods unlike anything else I've experienced.

Women's Agenda

Confessions of an American living in Australia dealing with Donald Trump - Women's Agenda

It's been two and a half weeks since the election. Two and a half weeks of shock, horror, disbelief and tears. I feel as though I am grieving, mourning a breakup or a death....


Why I now celebrate going to therapy instead of hiding that I need it

Sometimes I want to hide that I've been in therapy for eight years. Then I think back to the time I was in a hotel room on the other side of the globe, having a complete...


Adult friendship may be more complicated sometimes, but that's why it's so meaningful to me

After a friend breakup and eventual reconciliation, I fully understood that adult friendship is a lot harder than kid friendship. Read more to see why I'm grateful for what...

Modern Trekker

How Staying In Airbnbs Renews My Faith In Humanity

The first time I ever stayed in an Airbnb, I booked a place that had zero reviews. It was a new listing in the middle of the high desert in California, and even though the owner...

Modern Trekker

Hiking Into The Clouds With The Hill Tribes Of Vietnam - Modern Trekker

When I was trying to decide which Southeast Asian country to make my new home for a year while I taught English abroad, I thought I'd be lured in by Thailand-turquoise beaches,...