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My name is Royel Edwards and I'm a freelance writer living in Toronto, Canada. I have covered many different topics in journalism including tech, entertainment and video games.

The Yawhg: An interview with the game's creator, Damian Sommer

Balancing a game that tells an infectious story and gradually becomes more engaging as time passes, may not be an easy feat, but Damian Sommer found a comfortable mixture with his latest game, The Yawhg. Sommer isn't a fledgling to Toronto's indie development scene either.

Judge Says IP Address Doesn't Prove Anything in Piracy Case

What do you do if you get busted for pirating a terrible Adam Sandler movie? Deny it. That seems to be the lesson of a recently dismissed federal case, which raises the burden of proof that copyright owner must meet in order to hold you accountable for infringement.

Tales from inside the Diversity Lounge: PAX's half-baked experiment

Opinion Opinion by I figured volunteering at a booth for PAX's first Diversity Lounge would give me the opportunity to see what it was about from the inside. I knew what people were saying, but the reality might be very different. The lounge had already become controversial when documents describing the initiative were leaked onto the internet.