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Writer on a whole host of topics. Essays for Herald Academic. Local journalism for Leftlion. Social media marketing for Guestlist Social and Collé Group. Blog as an outlet for my daydreams.


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Refining the Alcohol Industry with Dropworks Distillery

Drink less, drink better. This is the intention of Nottinghamshire’s new rum distillery, Dropworks, based on the Welbeck estate in Worksop. But is it possible to control how people drink, when you’ve handed the responsibility over to them in the form of a high percentage spirit?

The Culture Sift
I tried to turn my hiking wardrobe into 90s cyber-fashion realness

I'm in isolation in a hotel room in Scotland. The most interesting part of this room is either the row of 6 positive lateral flow tests on a table (one for every day I am gambling and failing for early release) or the use of the mini kettle.

Community Trade Union
The fight for well-paid and good quality self-employment

COVID has revealed the lack of protection for self-employed workers. No sick pay, no holiday pay, no employer pension contributions and an income support scheme that, according to the IFS, didn't manage to support 1.8 million self-employed people.

rose mason
Bonnington Café

Before moving to London, I was under the impression it could be a lonely place. I thought it would be challenging to find community, that people might be cold or unfriendly, or it'd be impossible to find independent cafes and restaurants amidst the eateries and brunch spots that seemed to lack any soul.

The C Word
Decolonising Writing: It's Time We Knew More About The People Delivering Our Media

I am a white British woman. I am cis gendered, non-disabled and heterosexual. I was born in the UK, I am a non-immigrant. I am middle class and privately educated. I was raised with both white privilege and privilege. As much as I may try to discuss issues beyond my own experience, I will always be writing from my perspective.

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