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Writer on a whole host of topics. Essays for Herald Academic. Social media marketing for Guestlist Social and Collé Group. Blog as an outlet for my daydreams.


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rose mason
Bonnington Café

Before moving to London, I was under the impression it could be a lonely place. I thought it would be challenging to find community, that people might be cold or unfriendly, or it'd be impossible to find independent cafes and restaurants amidst the eateries and brunch spots that seemed to lack any soul.

A warm home is a healthy home: Stay Warm Stay Safe this winter

1 October 2021 saw the biggest ever increase to energy prices in the UK. Customers are facing average increases of around £150 per year. This could mean more households in debt, more families in fuel poverty and more preventable deaths this winter.

The C Word
Decolonising Writing: It's Time We Knew More About The People Delivering Our Media

I am a white British woman. I am cis gendered, non-disabled and heterosexual. I was born in the UK, I am a non-immigrant. I am middle class and privately educated. I was raised with both white privilege and privilege. As much as I may try to discuss issues beyond my own experience, I will always be writing from my perspective.

Everyone Deserves a Little Bit of Pud

Pudding is made exclusively for your own pleasure. There is absolutely no nutritional benefit to sugar and chocolate, or toffee and cream but so many of us love a bit of pud regardless. The best puddings aren't glamorous or pretentious. They are simply reliable, they are enjoyed entirely for flavour, they are comfort food its very core.

Are Gyms Safe Spaces for Women?

It isn't inherently wrong for people to approach other people in the gym. However, it should be the responsibility of the gym corporation to train PTs to know how to approach people in a safe, welcoming and non-gendered way that respects their privacy and time.

rose mason
Walking home

I was assaulted on the street at night walking home from work. Trigger warning: mugging, assault, sexual assault It was a late shift, I finished around 1am on a Wednesday. I live a 15 minute walk from the pub so it was normal for me to walk to and from work.

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