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I'm an award-winning writer and editor who specializes in translating technical, information-heavy and complex news and issues into stories that entice, inform and engage. My coverage of health, science, technology, start-up and social topics has appeared in trade and consumer magazines, newsletters, blogs and around the web.

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Modern Age: The Children's Hospital Of San Antonio
San Antonio ranks as the second largest city in Texas, and it's still growing. In 2016, it was home to one of the largest population increases in the nation. Still, it was the...
Vital Signs: Three signmakers, three different ways of working in healthcare
Have you ever been lost in a hospital? It can be an unsettling feeling, as one beige corridor leads to another. Or so it was. Today's hospitals are increasingly sensitive to...
You Aren't What You Eat
In a move away from carb loading, elite endurance runners are turning to high-fat, adequate-protein, low-carb diets and training their bodies to use fat for fuel in the process.
Immune Cells Keep Fat Cells Small
The immune system plays a role in weight gain, glucose tolerance, insulin resistance, and other symptoms of metabolic syndrome. Now researchers have pinpointed a certain cell...
Abe's Garden Pushes Memory Care Boundaries | EFA Magazine
Abe's Garden in Nashville is rare in the world of memory care communities, not only because it's the result of an unusual public-private partnership, but because its building...
The Retailing Of Healthcare
With the Affordable Care Act in place and an economy on the rise, retail and healthcare are an inseparable pair. Healthcare organizations are ramping up to improve patient...
Nonprofit groups offer prescription for boosting community health
In Cincinnati, where you live may well determine how long your lifespan will be. Camille Jones, the lead researcher on a Cincinnati Health Department project to measure...
Kid Logic
A productive life...without reproduction?
7 Ways to Sleep Better with Chronic Pain
Chronic pain can make it difficult to get a good night's sleep but restful sleep helps with pain management. Here's how to break the vicious cycle of pain and sleep.
The Healing Power of Touch
How physical contact improves your health
5 Healthy Habits that Can Cause Headaches
Are some of your healthy habit actually giving you headaches? Learn about five things you may be doing that lead to head pain and how to prevent it.
How Therapy Dogs Can Help You Live a Healthier Life
Advertisement -- Learn more about ads on this site. Dogs Can Help Everyone from Young to Old If you're regularly greeted by a warm, sloppy embrace, a heedless leap to a landing...
Jump Start
Athletic mannequins are making their move with realistic, sport-specific poses.
Nurse offers compassion and clean-up to grieving families
Absolute BioRecovery Services East does jobs others shy from.


BioTechniques - How a Cell Identifies DNA Errors
How a Cell Identifies DNA Errors A new approach allows researchers to track the dynamic activity of the MutS repair protein at nanometer-scale resolution in live cells, bringing...
It's Alive: 3D printing advances modern medicine
3D printing advances modern medicine with bioprinted tissue, personalized surgeries, and more. Just don’t look for a heart replacement tomorrow.
The Doctor Is In
A push for more efficient healthcare challenges designers to bring medical services to retail.
Chef concocts healthier feeding-tube recipe
Robin Gentry McGee's most recent project, Functional Formularies, is an organic whole foods enteral (feeding tube) formula that she developed for her father after he suffered a...
Common Signs of Heart Disease in Men
There aren't always warning signs of heart disease. Know what to look for, such as chest pain or discomfort, numbness in extremities, and shortness of breath.
Non-Caucasian Rhinoplasty
Angiotensin II Receptor Blockers (ARBs): Side Effects, Benefits, and More
ARBs are used to treat high blood pressure and congestive heart failure. Learn how they work and the possible benefits and side effects of using them.
Laparoscopic Gastric Banding (Lap-Band Surgery)
Laparoscopic gastric banding is a surgery used for people who are overweight, or people for whom excess weight poses serious health risks. These patients usually have failed...
Symptoms of Heart Disease: Are You at Risk?
Symptoms of heart disease depend on the type. Learn the different signs of cardiomyopathy, atherosclerosis, and arrhythmias, for example.

Science & Technology

Experts Wrapped Up in Botswana's First Mummy
A rare Sub-Saharan mummy discovered in Botswana is the country's first specimen preserved since the Late Iron Age. Now, an interdisciplinary-and intercontinental-team of...
Inside Job
Wide-format digital printers require technical know-how--and savvy customer service--to make the leap into interiors.
Repackaging RIPs
Today's RIP suppliers are promising software that is scalable, affordable, and bundled with MIS, ERP, and workflow management functions.
Green Today, Gone Tomorrow?
How post-occupancy testing challenges the latest generation of green retail design.

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