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Roane Beard, MFA

Freelance Writer/Editor

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Roane Beard is a freelance writer and editor with an master's in screenwriting and a bachelor's in English literature. Since 2013, his writing practice has focused on creating compelling, production ready scripts for film and video. In 2019, he added proofing, editing and story consulting to his practice. Today, his favorite projects are those that help other people bring their stories to life. Follow Roane on Twitter (@roanebeard) or drop him a line at [email protected]


Short Scripts for Video

A script for
Inspirational video script for America

Political startup sought to capture attention with an inspiring video about democracy, it's importance to America, and the possibility of bringing Americans together to find the best possible solutions to the problems facing the country now, and in the future.

An explainer video script for
Political startup explainer

This short script was for an explainer video designed to do what explainer videos are best at: explain how the service works.

An explainer video script for an IT company.
"Indiana Jones" and the Monsters of Business

This explainer video used its eponymous iconic hero as the basis for a hero's journey to the mountaintop, defeating the challenges that face businesses today.

A family friendly video script for kids
Cat Eating Aliens from Neptune

I wrote this script for a family that makes YouTube videos together. This one is the sequel to finding an alien in the house. Now, the kids must save the alien from his cat eating pursuers while keeping it all a secret from their parents.

Short Film Scripts

Short film script

A traumatized stalker holds a man at gunpoint in a woman’s home so he can complete his violent quest and earn bloody absolution for his past.

Short film script
The Banjo, the Preacher, and the Queen of Crabs

When a self-made family of siblings discovers their younger brother is slated to be killed by a deranged preacher, they must come up with an unimaginable sum of money or find a way to kill a killer.

Short film script
The One Percenter

After an obsession with a motivational speaker causes an alienated security guard to lose both his job and grip on reality, he takes desperate measures to make his mark and become someone that matters – no matter who he becomes in the process.

Feature Length Screenplay Excerpts

A Feature Length Screenplay
Excerpt from Three Swords

In this historical fantasy adventure set in an alternate 19th century India, three warriors from three great cultures must overcome their differences to stop an Imperial power before it sets events in motion that will destroy the subcontinent and everyone in it.

Feature screenplay
Excerpt from Rock Band

A middle-aged old-school rocker is tricked into entering his failed band into a Millennial music competition he doesn't understand and can't possibly win. Facing an old rival who's using his own music to humiliate him, and a world-wide audience that's rooting for him to fail, he must find a way to reinvent his band and his dream – or go back to a meaningless life with a family who doesn't respect him.

A Feature Length Screenplay
Excerpt from Queen of Wolves

A precocious thirteen-year-old’s visions of viscous fairy tale creatures take a grim turn when the creatures murder her mother and kidnap her younger brother. Labeled insane by the authorities, she is forced to travel alone to the heart of an otherworldly Land of Faerie to confront the creatures in a contest that will decide the fate of two universes.

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