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As an avid reader and a passionate writer, I've spent many years writing freelance reviews and features within the music industry, as well as co-manage a blog focusing on pop culture.

A recent graduate from the University of Winchester with my undergrad degree focused on Creative Writing & English Literature. My degree included research heavy modules such as Psychoanalysis & Literature, American Gothic Literature and Film Script Development.
My dissertation took the form of an ECP (Extended Creative Project) which was part research, part creative piece. For this project, I chose to write a comic book script and research current comic book trends, specifically as an art form in Japan and it's popularity in the west.

I'm now developing my skills professionally as a content writer & copywriter.

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Angela Carter

Sex and Morality in Little Red Riding Hood 'Writers re-write and writers re-invent.' With reference to the texts studied on this module, discuss how Carter and/or Byatt have refashioned pre-existing story (e.g. fairy tale) to present their own late C20th perspectives on gender roles and cultural...

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American Gothic Essay 1

Examine the cultural significance of the representation of Gender with regards to the American vampire in any two American texts. Representation of Gender and the American Vampire Vampires have been a staple in horror literature since the release of Dracula by Bram Stoker in the late 19th centu...

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American Fangs review

American Fangs - Pomona Rob Davis Texan five piece American Fangs look set to tear the UK scene a new ass hole! They've already made an impression with Jacoby Shaddix of Papa Roach fame, a big impression seeing as they're opening for Roach on their UK run next month.

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Anime 101: Hunter X Hunter (2011)

33 collected volumes, 148 episodes, two movies and 366 hours of my life on one hell of an adventure! Mild spoilers For a few years I've had people recommend to me Hunter X Hunter purely based on my love for Dragon Ball. Because of this I put the show down as a copycat of Dragon...

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Why you should pick up Tokyo Ghoul

What's it about? Tokyo Ghoul is a dark fantasy manga written & illustrated by Sui Ishida, and is about an alternate reality where ghouls secretly live among humans, surviving by feeding on human flesh and evading the authorities. Ghouls appear human but have enhanced strength, endurance and senses; as well as these traits ghouls carry...

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The Work of Junji Ito

Last summer, horror writer and artist, Junji Ito, released a new collection of short stories under the title 'Fragments of Horror'. If you ever bothered to read my about me page - About The Coot - then you're aware that I mentioned Junji Ito amongst my creative influences.

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