Rory Kennedy

Copywriter, Articlesmith, Word Factory Extraordinaire

Location icon United States

I am a freelance writer out of Atlanta, Georgia. I have my Bachelor of Arts in English with a concentration in Rhetoric and Composition from Georgia State University. I make things sound interesting by talking with my fingers.

Sample Advertising Email
Chomp & Stomp 2018 Promo Email

A promotional email for the 2018 Atlanta Chomp & Stomp festival, outlining the performers, attractions, and details of the event.

Sample Article
Killing 24 Hours in Terminus: A Visitors Guide to Atlanta

An informal article from the perspective of a local giving alternative suggestions to the tourist traps that visitors to Atlanta are often referred to. This article takes the form of a sequential itinerary that assumes that the travelers are beginning and ending their day near the airport and lack access to a car.

Campaign Under Review for Georgia Tech University Athletics Department
Summer 2019 Georgia Tech Ad Campaign Proposal

Two submissions for campaigns for Georgia Tech Football's upcoming 2019 season that had interest expressed in them. They are currently under review