Ric Mazereeuw

Senior Conversion and UX Copywriter


As a senior conversion copywriter, I help SaaS companies fuel their B2B lead gen programs with copy that converts. That includes creating nurture sequences, SDR emails, landing pages, and long-form content — from strategy to final copy.


Conversion & Marketing Copywriting

Prospecting Email for Business Development Reps

Challenge: Business Development Reps needed a way of opening the conversation with leads. Solution: With a lot of companies putting the spotlight on their DE&I initiatives—especially through LinkedIn—I wrote a short email that reps could send in response to any mention of the target company’s activities.

Thinkific Plus | Landing Page
Meet the CS Team

Thinkific launched video ads promoting their dedicated customer success team as a USP of their enterprise offering. The video's theme was "Seriously dedicated to growing your business" and showed an empty chair in a studio, saying that the CS team was so dedicated to their clients that they didn't even show up to film the ad. I echoed the video's tongue-in-cheek approach in the captions below the stock photos while staying on message in the primary copy.

Thinkific Plus | Landing Page
Thinkific Plus

Thinkific focused on the customer education use case and needed a landing page as part of its campaign. They specifically wanted a lighter tone in their copy, without sacrificing the core message of the value of customer education programs.

ThoughtExchange | Script
Business Development Rep Script

Challenge: Business Development Reps needed a way of opening the conversation with leads. Solution: A script reps can use to record a short message to a prospect, giving a concrete example of how Pulse survey can fail to reveal key information by not asking the right questions.

Booking.com Events Email

Booking.com’s Events team relied on emails to customers who had just booked accommodations in New York City as our sole acquisition method. This post-booking email generated an open rate of 42.98% and a click-through rate of 10.84%.