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Rhona Sword
Documentation or Lack of Imagination?

She was smart. She gave off that impression anyway. She had big glasses and spoke slowly and carefully, like she actually considered her words. The artist who told me to video myself drawing grids. And suggested that I photograph my journey to the post office when I said I wanted the works to exist in...

Rhona Sword
Child Artist

Asked When did you become an artist? By a stranger who doesn't know me. I started studying art full time four years ago, so then, I suppose. But I wasn't an artist then. I didn't have an interior vision or a belief system. I didn't even know who Grayson Perry was when I started.

Rhona Sword
White on White

There is no form or style in words, only what is in my head. Even I am not sure of what that it. Writing is the only way to find out. White on white. Why do I like it so much? I think I would make ...

Rhona Sword

Cerne Abbas Walk 1975 Richard Long I loathe to begin with a dictionary definition, but as a hypocrite comfortable with my own identity, then topography is defined as; the arrangement of the natural and artificial physical features of an area."the topography of the island"the distribution of parts or features on the surface of or within...

Rhona Sword
The Mythological Artist

I was thinking about that scene in Spaced, when Daisy and Tim move into the flat and they ask Brian; "What kind of art do you do?" He replies "Anger.... pain....fear....aggression....." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=brQw15Xz7Go An exaggeration perhaps, but one that taps into the general perception of artists. As strange creatures, who crawl into their studio dungeons, do...

In Conversation With ...Wies Roeterdink

Although the objects that you use are often fairly mundane - suitcases, boxes, door frames - there appears to be a desire to disguise or hide yourself. To what extent do you see these as self-portraits, or do you intend these photographs to function more as alter egos or as a distraction from autobiography?

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