RF Hartzell

Copywriter, Web Merchandiser, Direct Marketer, Copy Editor, Proofreader

Clear, persuasive, economical copy about difficult subjects—
from touch screen wireless routers to immunology monographs to legal references
to foreign language learning software.

It's all about:

    Listening to the client

    Translating her ideas and preferences into
    relevant, bite-sized morsels of prose—usually broken out
    with bullets, one-sentence paragraphs, and abundant subheads

    Targeting benefits over features

    Crafting a compelling call to action
    to convert prospects into customers or leads, and

    Finishing on time and within budget

Got a project? Let's talk. My rates are flexible and I'm
happy to work per job or per hour.

Email me at:

Richard at RFHartzell dot com
(please substitute @ for at and .com for dot com)


Direct Marketing

"The New Pagewiz" Email
Responsibilities: all copy plus 30-day coupon code promotion strategy
MailChimp Email Supporting MP3 Playback
Responsibilities: compressed 26 MB MP3 file to 8 MB for successful uploading to (and hosting by) MailChimp; embedded LISTEN NOW button in email for instant playback
Thanksgiving Promotion Email
Responsibilities: all copy plus formatting and email release via MailChimp
Cross-Examination: Science and Techniques, Second Edition Email
Responsibilities: all copy
Pure Brochure
Responsibilities: all copy of 8-page brochure for STM-publisher Elsevier's SciVal unit to promote Pure, a research information management tool for science-driven institutions of...
Immunology & Microbiology Catalog
Responsibilities: all copy
Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical Science & Toxicology Catalog
Responsibilities: all copy
E-Commerce and Communications Self-Mailer
Responsibilities: all copy
Complete Linux Toolkit Offer
Responsibilities: all copy

Copy Editing & Proofreading

Dobry Kurs (Polish Financial Services Website)
Responsibilities: Edited all English-language copy and revised tagline for clarity
1stdibs.com Easy to Search Email Proofreading
Responsibilities: Proofread
Elsevier STM Email Proofreading & Copy Editing
Responsibilities: proofread and edited for accuracy and clarity
Author Marketing & Sales Guide
Responsibilities: Proofread this 32-page marketing promotion for Elsevier against Elsevier's own style guide.
Opinion Piece for The Guardian Online
Responsibilities: Copyedited (against 3-hour deadline) English-language opinion piece by a Greek national writing from Brazil

Social Media

Las Cascadas Mexican Cantina
Responsibilities: wrote whimsical and event- and promotion-driven posts for the Facebook page of a popular Mexican-American restaurant in Chino Hills, California
Dobbs & Bishop Fine Cheese
Responsibilities: wrote tweets for Dobbs & Bishop's bid to win a Chase Small Business Grant and to promote Cheese of the Month Club memberships for the 2013 holiday season

Web Merchandising

Website Refresh
Responsibilities: rewriting all copy plus meta descriptions; inserting MailChimp HTML code for Email News signup; inserting Wufoo party platter contact form HTML code on Gourmet...
eTextbooks Minisite
Responsibilities: Devising e-textbook categories and subcategories; working with publishers to provide top-selling e-textbook lists; selecting and organizing titles; performing...
Bookstore Home Page
Responsibilities: selecting promotions, writing all copy, arranging needed art, refreshing and maintaining left nav
Rosetta Stone Boutique
Responsibilities: creating and maintaining boutique, writing all copy, arranging needed art, refreshing all titles/prices for monthly promotions

Google Search Engine Marketing

Make Free Training Videos
Responsibilities: using Google AdWords to research keywords, write ads, budget spend


12 New Landing Page Templates for Beauty, Health, Fitness and Well-being Professionals -...
Responsibilities: all copy
HubSpot Salutes Lawyers.com for Facebook Creativity
Responsibilities: all copy


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