Renée Cheréz (she/her)


My name is Renée Cheréz, and I am a freelance writer & editor, storyteller, and former travel columnist, who creates magic at the intersections of travel, spirituality, and identity.

Miami Herald
Crossroads: A video introduction

The question tumbled out with a slight cackle: "Wouldn't it be funny if we were related to Marcus Garvey?" I was hanging out with the women in my family having dinner at City Island in New York. Through the years, I never considered the name of my Jamaican grandmother before marriage because I'd only ever known her by my grandpa's name.

Miami Herald
Black travel tapestry of love

Traveling and moving through different parts of the world over the last five years have dispelled many myths for me about love and all its blissful iterations. While moving through countries like Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and India, I began to form bonds that unraveled the myth of a single soulmate.

Miami Herald
Bali: Showing Up for the Complex Places We Love

Bali's honeyed humidity wrapped me in its arms as I made my way through the plane tunnel off my first flight to the island in the wee hours of the morning in 2017. Indonesia was part of my first solo 67-day backpacking adventure across Southeast Asia.

Miami Herald
How celebrations of death in India breathed new life into the concept of place

" So, where's your favorite place? " It's probably one of the most asked questions of any wanderer who has moved across place, and yet the question can leave us tongue-tied as we scan through our mental Rolodex of the places we've journeyed through: countries, cities, towns, the block we grew up on, villages or our grandmas' house in the country.

Don't Cancel Your 2020 Vision Board, Do These 3 Things Instead

Since 2017, I have backpacked and lived in countries like Thailand, Vietnam and India for extended periods of time. At the start of 2020, I was back on the road in New York, where I'd previously worked for seven years as a preschool teacher and nanny.