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I write, create, edit, teach and search for inspiration so that I can inspire others.

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Is It a Rebuilding Year for Your Career?

To find joy in work is to discover the fountain of youth. -Pearl S. Buck Or maybe your heart just isn't in it anymore, and you're ready to finally follow your passion? I've...

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Start Your 2016 Game Plan Today

You may not need the jolt of a polar bear plunge (pictured above) to get going this year, but make sure you're ready with a game plan for 2016. Regardless of what may or may not...

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Life changes. Have your resolutions?‏

We all do it-most of us, anyway. We commit to doing something newer or better in the new year and strike out on a common path to getting a fresh start. According to,...

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Tap in Before You Tap Out

How tight is your tap? Whether you work in corporate America, retail or academia, this time of year comes with its fair share of challenges. Beyond the demands of reviewing...

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Get Your Life in the Black This Season

Ready, set, shop! The lines have formed, deals made, bargains struck, and Black Friday mania is still going strong with Cyber Monday already on the horizon. We learned earlier...

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Awaken Your Inner Maven: 5 jump starts for slow times

Do you ever feel like you're holding back? Like you know there's more that you have to offer the world, but somehow you're not tapping into it? As the year winds down, burnout...

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Have you reached a mid-career crisis? It's never too late for a re-boot

Are you stuck in a holding pattern on the job, feeling like you have more of your career behind you than in front of you? Research shows that you're not alone. A 2015 report by...

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Does Your Network Determine Your Net Worth?

Whether you're a student, an entrepreneur or a CEO, you have an inherent network made up of the people you naturally surround yourself with, or those you're exposed to on a...

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Check Your Status at the Door: Get on the Career Map

One of the upsides of coming through a down economy has been that it's forced some to re-think how we view ourselves and those around us. The result? Many have had to trade...

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Graduation Day is Too Late: 5 Ways to Plan for the Future Today

Every new day is another chance to change your life. - unknown If you're looking (or waiting) for the perfect career to just come your way, you may find yourself a day late and...

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Are You Searchable? 3 Career Tips for Grads

Ahhh, graduation. It is upon you. And you can just picture it: you, cascading down the aisle, tassel flowing in the wind and your "diploma" just an arm's reach away (at least...


A Kind of Mad Courage

Short story, "Autumn's Eyes," published in the fiction anthology A KIND OF MAD COURAGE.

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Getting from the Profile to the Interview

Simply put, your profile should be as creative as you are. Take a fresh look. Does yours read like a professional summary of accomplishments, or a disjointed laundry list? In...

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You've Graduated, Now What?

If you're a May 2014 college grad without a job offer or a plan, the pressure is on. You may feel overwhelmed by now as classmates prepare for careers while you see no offers,...

Spring awakening: Five ways to kick your family's mornings into high gear

Are your mornings with the kids leaving you on empty when it comes to getting everyone fed and out of the house? Perhaps you're steeling yourself for the oncoming march of the...