Rebecca Robinson

Freelance writer

I'm a generalist who has written in depth about crime, education, healthcare, social entrepreneurs, California's prisons, state and federal medical marijuana laws, and homelessness, among many other topics.

Awards received include: First Place, General Excellence (shared), California Newspaper Publishers Association (2011); Outstanding Talk Show, Alliance for Women in Media (2010); First Place, Public Affairs Journalism (shared), Associated Press Broadcasters Competition (2010); Second Place, Social Issues Reporting, Society of Professional Journalists, Oregon/Southwest Washington chapter (2009).

United States



Monterey County Weekly

Soldiering On

Monterey County vets struggle with civilian life, but new projects promise help and hope.

Monterey County Weekly

The Great Uncrowding

More than 30,000 state prisoners will shift from state to county control starting Oct. 1— including 300-plus headed to Monterey County. What happens next is anybody’s guess.

Monterey County Weekly

Tricks of the Trade

Undocumented women servicing field workers, streetwalkers in seedy motels, high-end flesh sold at high-end events: sex sells in Monterey County.

Monterey County Weekly

A Hazy Future

From the feds to the county, the confusion surrounding medical marijuana laws is enough to drive a girl to get stoned.

Portland Sentinel

North Precinct: After the fall

“What I hear from [Portland Police Bureau] officers is, ‘we’ve never been stretched so thin,'" says Neighborhood Crime Prevention Coordinator Mark Wells. "How do we do more with...

Street Roots

Motel Limbo

Portland's motels hide a troubling side of homelessness.

Street Roots

Are We Stimulated Yet?

Portland is on track to receive $4 million for rapid rehousing of people affected by the recession. But the city has yet to hear what regulations apply on how that money can be...

Portland Sentinel

To Serve the Present Age

As some churches look to revive their congregations, the emergent church movement draws young Christians in droves.


Oregon Public Broadcasting

The Forefront of Cardiology

It's been half a century since Albert Starr co-invented and implanted the world's first artificial heart valve, but the impact of his medical milestone is still being felt today.

Oregon Public Broadcasting

A Moveable Feast

What does it take to run a food cart? Is there fierce competition with other carts - or nearby restaurants?

Oregon Public Broadcasting

Sizing Up Your Genes

Have you elected to use genetic testing? If so, why? What was your experience?

Oregon Public Broadcasting

DNA Evidence and Eyewitness Testimony

New evidence produced through post-conviction DNA testing has led to over 200 exonerations nationwide, and has cast a spotlight on the flaws in eyewitness testimony and visual...

Oregon Public Broadcasting

The Ethics of Egg Donation

Are all eggs created equal, or should people pay more for "better" genes?

Oregon Public Broadcasting

The Future of Journalism

What do you see as the future of news? Is print media dying, or is it merely in a state of transition?

Social Entrepreneurship

Andrew Rasiej on Technology as a New Ecology

Rasiej sat down with Dowser to talk about going head-to-head with Rudy Giuliani, getting stuck on a ski lift with a senator, and other adventures on the road to founding a...

BSR's Aron Cramer on how to build a global network of responsible corporations

Financial and social profits don’t always go hand-in-hand; many view the two as antithetical. Aron Cramer has made a career out of upending this notion.

The Wisdom (and Danger) of Crowds

Crowdsourcing is an inherently inclusive approach and it allows organizations to engage throngs of aficionados. However, it has its pitfalls.