Richard Schwartz

Director, East3rd Ltd

Since 1985, I have mainly covered financial market infrastructure and operations with forays into broader political and economic issues. I have also edited a quarterly magazine on philanthropy management. This portfolio contains a selection of my less arcane articles and blog posts.



Lords debate Govcoin trial
The UK Government's Department of Work and Pensions has reported positively on its proof-of-concept trial of DLT for benefit recipients.


Coming to Terms: Zimbabwe in the International Arena


What is ESG?
Mandela Rhodes Foundation
Taxing Philanthropy

Economic & Financial

Rent arrears surge on UC
Headaches for tenants and housing managers
Southern Africa's Transition
The Chinese economy
Greek Custody Survey

International Politics

Greek Jews Laud Leftist Win - Despite Chilly Stance on Israel - Israel
If Greek Jews are calmly greeting the election of a hard left party strongly critical of Israel, one reason may be that they have been hit no less hard than other Greeks by the...
Zimbabwe's General Election
During a few radio and TV interviews immediately following the Zimbabwean election, I heard myself developing an argument along the following lines: a) voting on the day was...
Sustainability in Context
An interview with Noreena Hertz


Muhammad Yunus
Stelios Hadji-Ioannou
Bruce Lindsey

Siblings project


Blog Miscellany

Tel Aviv Streets
Barmitzvahs of the famous 1
Barmitzvahs of the famous 2

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