Ruth Zamora

The Channels staff writer

Location icon United States of America

Born in Mexico I was blessed to grow up in Ojai, California. I am the first in my family to attend a City College. I keep to the morals and values my parents taught me of staying humble and respectful.

I appreciate nature. I enjoy drinking coffee in coffee shops while reading a good book or the newspaper and is my ideal example of a good morning. I take pleasure in interpreting art in galleries and walking through historic museums.

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Late trustee led board 45 years, built campus as it's known today

Dr. Kathryn "Kay" Ogier Alexander, who served as a City College trustee for 45 years and was one of longest-serving board members in the state, died Sept. 28, in her home. She was 89. "Dr. Alexander was intelligent, conscientious, diligent, responsible and enthusiastic in fulfilling her duties as a trustee," said Dr. Peter MacDougall, former...

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Previous Stanford professor joins SBCC anthropology department

Walking up to the front of the classroom for the her third week of instruction as a full-time professor, Tara Carter stands on a chair to pull the overhead projector screen down. Students in her class attentively watch as her petite figure moves around the front of the classroom.

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City College student returns as new philosophy instructor

Matthew Bixby, who once started as a City College student, is now teaching Philosophy 203: History of Contemporary Philosophy as an adjunct professor. His educational background, philosophical views, and unconventional group of students make him a well-suited addition to the department. "For the cultivation of ideas, and for helping to get people to really think...

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Student DJ group hopes to make a positive impact on society

One by one students were let into the club's first floor to see performances from featured the featured DJs, Goshfather and Under Belly. Girls danced on the stage with lit hula-hoops and were surrounded by smoke from fog machines hanging from the ceiling. Red and fuchsia neon lights illuminated the room creating a trail of...

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SBCC honor society hosts Democratic panel discussion

City College's honor society hosted a Democratic forum on Tuesday evening with a panel discussion between three California politicians and a professor in the Fé Bland Forum. The Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society hosted the event titled "Pondering Politics," which touched base on education, environment issues and policing.

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New history teacher emphasizes need for accessible education

Still adjusting to Santa Barbara, Justina Buller, a newly hired full-time history instructor, bikes three miles to City College Monday through Thursday. Buller arrives at campus to teach History 102, "History of the U.S. Since 1865," and History 112, "American Environmental History." She strives to bring out critical thinking in her students by assigning unique readings...