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Rachel studied Advertising and Marketing Communications at the Fashion Institute of Technology where she received her Bachelor’s degree. She has five years experience in the editorial world of fashion, celebrity, beauty, lifestyle and food.



Say Hello To Soft Hair With 4 Items You Can Find In Your Kitchen

Soft, silky hair is a desire for many women. Unfortunately, most of us are stuck with dry, damaged hair and that's not exactly the best look. Instead of spending money on expensive hair products to repair your hair, try these four home remedies.

The Scientific Reason You Shouldn't Listen To Music While You Work

If you look around your office at your co-workers, it's probably accurate to say a majority of them is listening to music while working. I personally find that music disrupts my work, so I'm that person who goes headphone-free while typing away at my desk. However, my work method seems to be completely correct.

3 Simple Ways To Keep Your Shoes From Smelling

Smelly shoes are a real pain and can be embarrassing at times. God forbid you go to someone's house and are asked to take your shoes off at the door. A few things cause smelly shoes like bacteria, sweat or other foot problems. To help combat this pesky issue, take steps to prevent it.

What To Expect When You're A Bridesmaid For The First Time

I'm officially at the age where all of my friends are getting married. Up until last year, I literally had no idea what it cost to be part of a bridal party aka a bridesmaid. I was recently a bridesmaid in my brother's wedding, which was my first time being a bridesmaid, and I learned a lot about the entire process.

The One Thing You Should Never Do When Applying Eyeshadow

Eyeshadow can completely alter the way a person looks. When applied correctly, it can make your eyes pop and draw people in. However, there are many ways eyeshadow can be applied incorrectly and when that happens, it's not a good situation for anyone. This is the one thing you should never do when applying eyeshadow.

Once And For All, How To Prevent Clothes From Pilling

Ugh, pilling is the worst. Nothing ruins a sweater more than little balls of fabric. It's straight up unattractive and annoying to deal with. Here are some things to keep in mind to help prevent your clothes from pilling. Air dry. By avoiding the dryer you're avoiding your clothes from tumbling around.

The Secret To Wearing High Heels Without Any Pain

We all know high heels aren't comfortable. It's just a fact of life. However, that doesn't stop women from wearing sky-high heels to show off their legs or look a little taller. If you experience foot pain when wearing heels, here's a really simple (and cheap!) trick to relieve the pain.

Here Are All The Important Details From Today's Apple Event

In case you missed it, here is what happened at Apple's latest event that took place at Apple campus in Cupertino, California. Apple Watch: There's a new watchband in town! The new four layer construction comes in a few different colors and is a woven nylon.

This Is The Best Eyeshadow Stick I Have Ever Tried #Seriously

Last week we took a company field trip Birchbox SoHo to take a makeup class (more on this later) on how to perfect a bronze smokey eye. Birchbox SoHo's floor manager and makeup artist, Shain Kish, suggested starting the look off with an eyeshadow stick.

This Is The Only Way You Should Apply Foundation

Let's be honest, we all have peach fuzz on our faces...unless you shave or thread your entire face. Peach fuzz is an enemy of liquid foundation and if you don't apply your foundation correctly you can look, well, hairy. Fortunately, when we stopped by Birchbox SoHo to take a makeup class, we learned a really simple technique for applying foundation.

Find Out What Your Wedding Bouquet Says About You

A wedding bouquet can make or break your entire look. It's a key component for any bride and is a great way to show off your personality other than your dress. Find out below what your wedding bouquet says about you! Roses: You are a classic bride.

We Asked A Doc: Is It Really Bad To Hold In Pee?

It's probably safe to assume you've held in pee at some point or another. Ladies, let's be honest. Public restrooms are not always the most sanitary, especially when it comes to sitting down on a toilet. To get to the bottom of this common issue, I asked my uncle, Frederick Gulmi, MD, Chief of Urology at NYU Lutheran Medical Center, for his professional opinion.

6 Things To Keep In Mind When Buying A Pair Of Overalls

Let's bring back one of the best 90s trends, shall we? I'm talking overalls! You've probably worn a pair of overalls once in your life, or, uh, maybe you were forced. Either way, it's safe to say the overall trend is totally happening right now and it's kind of amazing.

The Proper Way To Wash Canvas Sneakers In A Washing Machine

Pretty much the only downside to white sneakers is that they get dirty really fast. Even if you try your best to keep them clean, dirt and stains are gonna appear. There are tons of ways to clean canvas sneakers, but one of the easiest is just tossing them in the washing machine.

Find Out What Your Wine Choice Says About You

People tend to get really picky when it comes to wine. Perhaps that's why people who enjoy wine are often referred to as winos? Your wine choice tends to reveal a lot about your personality. Find out what your wine choice says about you below! Red Wine You're bold and know what you want.

Does Hand Sanitizer Truly Work? The Answer.

I have no shame in admitting that I'm somewhat (...for the most part) a germaphobe. On that note, I pretty much always carry hand sanitizer with me just in case I can't wash my hands at a sink. Sometimes I wonder if sanitizer really does anything.

HACK: The Easiest Way To Peel An Orange--Hands Down

I literally hate peeling oranges so I rarely eat them because of it. The sticky juice and skin get stuck under my nails and the feeling makes me cringe. I also don't like my hands smelling like citrus all day.

Find Out What Your Sleep Position Says About You

Everyone has totally different sleeping habits, but, for the most part, we all sleep in roughly the same positions. Do you sleep on your side, your back or your stomach? Look at the chart below and keep on reading to see what your favorite sleep position says about you! A.

What Are Lip Fillers? Here's Everything You Need To Know

Lip fillers are two words we all heard time and time again in 2015. When I think of lip fillers I automatically picture Kylie Jenner's famous pout in my head. Thanks to Kylie and other celebrities, the entire world became obsessed with having full lips.

6 Tips To Help You Style Your Favorite Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend jeans have become a really popular trend over the years, and for good reason! They are typically baggy, distressed and look worn-in. The fit is beyond comfortable and the style is virtually timeless. Plus, they can be worn so many different ways.

I Made The Switch To Natural Deodorant And This Is What Happened

I'm not the biggest fan of deodorant. Don't get me wrong, I wear deodorant, but I just don't like the way it feels under my arms. I always felt like there was this gross film that would never wash off, so I decided to try out natural deodorant.

Why You Shouldn't Drink Water That's Been Sitting In Your Car

Do you ever leave bottled water in your car for days, and then proceed to drink it? Well, you should stop doing that immediately. According to a study conducted at the University of Florida last year, high temperatures increase the amounts of harmful chemicals from the bottle's plastic that are leached into the water.

How To Make Money By Selling Your Old iPhone

If you haven't heard by now, Apple announced the new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, which means a lot of people are going to want it. However, there are those annoying things called contracts that get in the way of getting this new iPhone at a decent price.

5 At-Home Remedies To Soothe Cracked Heels

I've never actually experienced the pain of a cracked heel until this past summer. There was a sharp feeling every time I put pressure on my heel, and it was unsightly to look at. After doing some online investigation, I learned there are tons of ways to take care of cracked heels at home.

How To Wear A Beanie 5 Different Ways

Oh, beanies. Where do I even begin? Let me start off by saying, if you think you can't rock a beanie then think again. They are universally flattering and come in so many different styles. It would be nearly impossible to find one that didn't look good on you.

Can Perfume Go Bad? The Answer.

I get bored of wearing the same fragrance every day so I have a decent collection of perfume. Since I don't wear the same one every day, the bottles tend to last for a long time. I recently cleaned out my perfume collection and ended up tossing bottles I've had for years and years because they just didn't smell right.

8 Starbucks Drinks That Don't Have Coffee

I love Starbucks but I hate coffee. Ironic, I know. Although a majority of Starbucks drinks have coffee, there are a lot that don't have coffee at all. Here are eight drinks that don't contain any coffee. Iced Chai Latte. This is my Starbucks order 90% of the time I go there.

5 Books To Read If You Couldn't Put 'Gone Girl' Down

by Gillian Flynn captured the attention of, well, the world. The best-selling book was suspenseful, manipulative, crazy and dark, yet it was also a (twisted) love story. I'm sure there are people out there who read Gone Girl multiple times but if you're on the hunt for something else to get hooked on, give these five books a shot.

The Pros And Cons To The 3 Most Popular Sleeping Positions

Sleeping should be easy, right? I mean, we aren't doing much considering we are, uh, asleep. Sleeping, however, can cause a lot of health problems. Much of our daily activities depend on a good night's sleep and the position you sleep in may be affecting you more than you think.

7 Ways To Use Honey From Relieving A Hangover To Healing Scrapes

I absolutely love everything about honey. Besides smelling good and tasting great, honey is really good for us but only the raw, organic kind. Most honey sold in stores (you know, in the bear-shaped bottle) are stripped of all their natural enzymes and probiotics because they are pasteurized at a very high heat.

5 Reasons Why You Should (Wo)Man Up And Take A Cold Shower

Most people would never even consider taking a cold shower voluntarily. I've taken a few cold showers in my life (thank you, Hurricane Sandy) and it wasn't exactly enjoyable. My cold showers lasted no longer than 10 minutes and it was not at all relaxing.

HACK: Here's How To Barrel Knot Your Sperry Top-Sider's

Like most people, I love Sperry Top-Sider's. They are comfortable and match virtually anything. However, since so many people have them, I try to wear mine in a different way. I used to be a sales associate at Sperry's flagship location on 5th Ave, which is where I learned how to tie laces into a barrel knot.

Should You Cut Your Cuticles Or Not? A Definitive Answer.

Until about a year ago, I was cutting my cuticles roughly once a week. I wasn't just cutting hang nails, I was taking off my entire cuticle. For years, I was always under the impression I was supposed to be cutting away the whole cuticle because it was dead skin.

5 Simple Ways To Prevent Inner Thigh Chafing #NoThighGap

For those of us that don't have a thigh gap, we're all too familiar with our inner thighs rubbing together. Let's just say it's not exactly a comfortable feeling. Inner thigh chafing is definitely one of those issues that is bound to happen to most girls at some point or another, especially if you don't have skinny legs.


6 Major Benefits of Lemon Water

When I started my clean eating challenge three weeks ago, soda, juice and iced tea were among the list of things I had to take out of my diet. I've never been a heavy soda drinker but I do enjoy iced tea a lot so I wasn't exactly thrilled about giving it up.

The Best Eyeshadow Colors For Brown, Blue, Hazel & Green Eyes

Eye color is beyond unique. It's something that can really change your entire look and make people notice you among a crowd. Some people are blessed to have striking eyes and some aren't. I'm not. I have medium-colored brown eyes. I don't hate my eye color but it's just so...average.

5 Drool-Worthy Instagram Accounts To Follow!

Disclaimer: do not read this post on an empty stomach. You've been warned. I love looking at pictures of food almost as much as I love eating food. Food porn, as it's commonly referred to, is a compilation of drool-worthy pictures that are guaranteed to make your stomach growl, and completely jealous of the person behind the lens who gets to eat said food.

At-Home Recipe To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

When was the last time you have cleaned your makeup brushes? I can't even tell you the last time I've cleaned mine. Ew. Well, no, let me clarify. I do clean my eyeshadow brushes using Sephora Daily Brush Cleaner, but I rarely clean my face brushes (foundation, blush, etc.)

The Best Gift I've Ever Received

I consider myself to be a pretty good gift giver. I love birthdays and holidays because I truly enjoy giving people gifts. I put a lot of thought into what the person would want, and I take time to wrap them up nicely.

A Fragrance For Every Occasion

Fragrances are so personal and unique, and that’s why I love them. I love fresh, clean scents with a hint of floral or citrus. I absolutely cannot stand sweet, spicy or heavy musk. Two scents that I always steer clear of are vanilla and amber. The other thing I love about fragrances is that if two people wear the same one, it smells completely different because of the way it interacts with the oils on your skin.

My Wish List Just Keeps On Growing...

For someone my age, I think I'm very good with my money. I try to only buy things if I truly need it and I don't have any debt besides student loans, naturally. Considering this, I try to treat myself to items I want from time to time.

Get Ready With Me! Rachel's Going Out Makeup Routine

Up until college I never really had a serious makeup routine and I relied on pressed powder, mascara and black eyeliner. That was it. In college, I started to develop an interest in the world of makeup, spending more time (and money) trying to figure out my go-to look.

Final Thoughts On My 28 Day Clean Eating Challenge

This week marked the end of my 28 Day Challenge from the Fit Girl's Guide and I want to give myself a pat on the back. For the most part, I stuck with the provided menu, controlled my portion size and didn't drink any soda and/or sweetened iced tea.

Rachel's Ultimate #SquadGoals

Do you ever scroll through your Instagram feed and get insanely jealous when you come across a celebrity group picture? I do. I imagine when Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevingne walk down the street, it's in slow motion, their hair is blowing in the wind and people just stare at them.

What's In My Bag: Everyday Essentials

Seeing the inside of a woman's bag is like seeing the inside of her soul. Just kidding...kind of. I feel like seeing what someone carries in their bag is a good way to gauge their personality. For instance, whenever someone sees the inside of my bag they go "oh my gosh" because it's extremely organized and everything has a place.

Standout Nail Polishes To Try This Spring

I'm one of those people who wears nail polish colors according to season. Deep, dark colors in the winter/fall and lighter, bright colors in spring/summer. Through the years, I've come to love certain polishes for the springtime and it's a welcomed change from the dark winter.

Rachel's Daily Skincare Routine

Throughout high school and college, I took pretty good care of my skin...or so I thought. You know, I washed my face every night and I used a moisturizer and that was the extent of my skincare routine.

The Importance Of Mental Health Awareness

Suicide is a topic most people don't talk about, in public or in private. When I was watching the Oscars this past Sunday, I was a bit surprised to hear not one, but two award winners mention suicide in their acceptance speeches.

5 Cute And Simple Easter Dessert Ideas

I don't consider myself to be religious by any means, so Easter to me is being with my family, the start of warm weather and eating good food. Since I love baking, I always try to make a fun dessert for Easter.

My First-Ever Makeup Class At Birchbox SoHo

In my group of friends, instead of buying gifts for each other we plan a whole day of activities to do together based on the birthday girl's interests. It's a nice way for all of us to come together in the midst of our crazy schedules.

5 Super Easy Overnight Oats Recipes

I had never actually tried overnight until I started the Fit Girl's Guide 28 Day Challenge. During my first week of the challenge, I had to eat fridge oats (Fit Girl's Guide name for overnight oats) every morning for breakfast. I thought I would get sick of this meal but I happened to really enjoy it.

It’s Time To Add Sun Care Products To Your Daily Skincare Routine!

The weather in New York seemed to have jumped from winter to summer, completely skipping spring. The temperatures have risen into the mid to high 70s within the past few weeks. Don't get me wrong, I have zero complaints after the winter we endured here in NY.

5 Go-To Dessert Recipes Perfect For Any Party

In the past year I've developed a serious sweet tooth. Don't get me wrong, I have always loved sweets but recently I just can't get enough. Luckily for me, I'm a pretty decent baker so I can whip up sweet treats to satisfy a craving.

Rachel's Essential Items For Well-Manicured Nails

I'm a bit obsessed with keeping my nails clean and well-manicured. In fact, I think everyone should take care of their nails. One of the first things I notice when I look at someone is the way their nails look, so I try to keep my nails bed looking nice.

Nail Art Trends To Steal From NYFW

Some people claim the nail art trend is dying off, but if you scrolled through your Instagram feed during New York Fashion Week then you'll know nail art is very much alive. Side-note: if the nail art trend does ever die off, then I will be the first person in mourning.

Fit Girl's Guide To Clean Eating: Week One

Like most people, food is an extremely important part of my life but sometimes I just can't get enough. I consider myself to be food-obsessed in the sense that food is constantly on my mind and I'm always hungry and/or eating something. Up until college I was able to eat whatever I wanted, when I wanted.