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After a decade working for various digital marketing agencies, in September '18 I left my full-time job to become a freelance writer.

While I specialise in travel writing, I have extensive experience - gleaned from years of working with hundreds of demanding UK and US-based clients - of creating informative, interesting and compelling content across a range of industries and sectors.

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7 historic treasures destroyed in wars that travelers will never get to see

Soldiers killed in combat. Civilians targeted by airstrikes. Whole communities uprooted and forced to abandon their homes. War has an obvious, and deeply harrowing, human cost. But it also erodes our culture. Within the past century alone, conflicts have led to the destruction of historic monuments and buildings across much of the world.

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Historic Prague: Our guide to the city's iconic Old Town

Prague Old Town dates back to 900 CE, when markets were held in the historic square The Old Town is home to many of Prague's biggest attractions, including the iconic Astronomical Clock Seek out David Černý's statue 'Man Hanging Out', which shows Sigmund Freud dangling by one hand high above the Old Town streets.

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9 stunning temples you need to see near Siem Reap, besides Angkor Wat

Cycling north along the arrow-straight Avenue Charles de Gaulle out of Siem Reap, you quickly find yourself surrounded by tropical woodland. The shade from the banyans and silk-cotton trees provides a welcome respite from the relentless Cambodian sun, but the thick forest also prevents you from stealing a tantalizing glimpse of Angkor Archaeological Park 's ruined temples until you're practically upon them.

Why Northern Thailand should be on your travel wish-list

For a full picture of Thailand, you'll need to venture beyond the country's central plains to the thickly forested mountains, hill-tribe villages and ancient Buddhist temples of the north. With a language, cuisine and culture all of its own, Northern Thailand feels a world away from the sky-scraping rooftop bars and sun-dappled beaches of the south.

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9 reasons why Syros is the Greek island you can't pass on

With its elegant white-stucco buildings clinging to precipitous cliffs, famous black-sand beaches, and ancient mountaintop ruins, it's easy to see why Santorini tops so many bucket lists. But the island is falling victim to its own success - Santorini's permanent population stands at just 15,000, yet some two million tourists visit every year.

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The 8 best pubs and bars in Prague

Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic, which drinks more beer per person than any other country The Czech Republic is the birthplace of lager, which became popular in the country in the 19th century Although Prague is best known for its beer halls, the city's also home to dozens of upscale cocktail bars The Czech Republic consumes more beer per person than any other country in the world, according to Japanese brewer Kirin.

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Traveling Sri Lanka by Train: Tips, Advice, and Itinerary

Last Updated on Enjoying Rail Travel in Sri Lanka Synopsis: Traveling Sri Lanka by train is a unique experience in South Asia. Sri Lanka is many things. At times oppressively hot, then pouring with apocryphal rain moments later. In some places startlingly busy. In others, scarcely a person in sight to intrude on the spectacular vistas.