Philip Thomas

Music Writer

United Kingdom

Philip Thomas is an ethnomusicologist. Formerly director of an arts festival he now researches and writes about topics in the world of music that interest him.

In 2006 he obtained a Master’s Degree in Ethnomusicology (World Music Studies) through Sheffield University. He has been a working musician and performer for over thirty-five years, performing all over the world as a Musician and Storyteller. He has toured New Zealand, Australia, USA, Canada, Argentina and Europe.

Awarded a Travel Fellowship for 2012, He spent 6 weeks in the USA to research the American senior arts scene and, while there, encountered for the first time the ‘Home-grown Music’ movement that encourages young and old alike to make music using instruments crafted from objects such as cigar boxes, broom handles and recycled objects that can be found in any junkyard, shed or workshop. He has written a FREE e-book about these amazing instruments.

Over more than twenty years he has been a reviewer and contributor to specialist music magazines and journals. Please click to see examples of some of his writing and download a FREE copy of the e-book at

Based in Wales Phil accepts commissions for all kinds of freelance writing concerning music and is pleased to write liner notes, publicity and marketing copy for artists and bands. Just ask!

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Spiral Earth
Architecture & Archaeology - Greg Hancock - Spiral Earth

Songs are made of words and music and it is rare to find a songwriter who has the balance exactly right. Greg Hancock has though. The musicianship on this album is exquisite, with help from some heavyweight friends in George Arnold, Lucas Drinkwater on various instruments and backing vocals from Harbottle and Jonas and Alex [...]