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More than money: How corporations can really help climate tech startups | Greenbiz

European climate tech funds raised $2.6 billion in 2021 - an amount double that of the year before. Among those that helped to derive that record figure were a range of corporations. Credit Suisse backed 2150's inaugural urban sustainability fund, which invests in startups changing the way cities are "designed, constructed and powered."

10 European firms every sustainability professional should know | Greenbiz

Between 2010 to 2022, "the number of emerging technology companies tackling the climate crisis has increased 4x," to nearly 45,000. That's according to a report by TechNation, released in November. Few people would argue that the rapid increase isn't necessary. But it could be argued as both a blessing and a curse.
Becky Lane: "​In 2050, every home in the UK will be as energy efficient as possible"​

Becky Lane is the co-founder and CEO of Furbnow - a Birmingham-based startup helping homeowners to easily navigate the process of retrofitting and improving their homes' energy efficiency. She is also a Board Member at the Sustainable Housing Action Partnership - a not-for-profit organisation "promoting best practice on the environmental, social and economic aspects of sustainable housing."


Gonzalo Úrculo x CrowdFarming

Gabriel Úrculo Álvarez-Ossorio and Gonzalo Úrculo didn't set out to become founders. They set out to scratch an itch. In 2011, the Spanish brothers took over... | 70 comments on LinkedIn

Will Smith & Peter Kirby x Tred

Eleven years ago, Will Smith and Peter Kirby met during freshers week at Durham University. Today, they run Tred - a Leeds-based startup working to become the... | 10 comments on LinkedIn

Boyan Slat x The Ocean Cleanup

Twelve months ago, a headline like this would have sent me into a spiral. I'd have felt anxious, scared and immobilised for days, if not weeks, afterwards. Today, it didn't. Why? Because, over the past 12 months, I've been lucky enough to build a network of incredible people working tirelessly to build a better future.

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