Peter Havers

I write websites for seed & pre-seed startups.

United Kingdom

I cut through the noise of your previous thinking and explain your product, online, in the simplest possible terms.

Because the clearer your website, the more attractive you are to VCs, journalists, and potential users.

How do I do this?

By knowing which questions to ask.

Drawing on my experience writing for over 20 founders and CEOs, I use a 3-step discovery process.

1. An initial phone call – I’ll listen while you talk about your startup. Why did you found it? Where do you want it to go?

2. A comprehensive copy audit – I’ll analyse your existing website and your competitors’. I’ll spot gaps in the copy and the things you say about yourself.

3. User requirements – I’ll ask myself what a visitor’s looking to get out of each page. And how we can give them what they want, in as few words as possible.

Then I’ll write until every word on the site feels like you said it, not me.

Sound interesting?

If you wonder whether your web copy could be clearer, drop me an email at [email protected] Or why not book a free 30-minute discussion today?

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Web Copy

Mini Mealtimes
Mini Mealtimes

Childhood Nutrition App • Seed Startup • Full Rewrite


Helicopter & Private Jet Booking Platform • Seed Startup • Partial Rewrite (wrote 'Private Jet Charter', 'Helicopter Charter' and 'Destinations' pages)

Light Locations
Light Locations

Photographic Location Agency • Micro-business • Partial Rewrite (wrote 'Home' page and 'About Us' page)

Non-Web Copy

Bloomsbury Festival
The Statue and The Fox

Short Story for The Bloomsbury Festival. Written in the second person, future tense ("You will...").

Press Coverage