Colleen Callahan

Freelance Content Writer, Copywriter, Social Media Manager

United States

Welcome to my portfolio! I'm Colleen and I have a passion for creating effective strategies and campaigns that connect brands with their target audiences. My portfolio showcases my experience in various marketing disciplines, including content writing, creative writing, creative marketing concepts, and social media. I strive to deliver innovative and impactful marketing solutions that drive business growth. I am excited to share my work with you and hope it will inspire you to consider working with me on your next marketing project.

A Magical Visit To Dragon Con That Wasn't

The global pandemic has groups of all kinds figuring out how to get together virtually. From business meetings to family gatherings, coffee klatches to spiritual celebrations, we've all been Zooming, WebExing, Hanging Out, and learning any number of newfangled technology just to be able to spend some quality face time with one another.

And the Winner is... Nic Cage!

It was a sold-out room when Nicolas Cage faced off with Nicolas Cage in "Cage vs. Cage: The All-Nicolas Cage Match!" Spectators gathered in Marriott M103-M105 Saturday at 2:30pm to take part in the spectacle that is a Nicolas Cage event. The brackets were laid out with some of Nicolas Cage's most iconic roles pitted against one another.

How to Cold Brew

So, you want to get in on the Cold Brew craze but aren't sure exactly how?Don't worry! We've got you covered. From which tools you should use to brew that deliciously chill coffee to signature CoffeeAM Cold Brew blends made especially for your cold brew enjoyment, you'll be enjoying your cold brew in no time.

Over Drinks -
Collaborating with Other Businesses to Enhance Your Content - Over Drinks

Hello and welcome, independent hospitality business owners! As a successful freelance digital marketing consultant, I have found that collaborating with other businesses is a fantastic way to enhance your content and reach a wider audience. In this post, I will be discussing the benefits of collaboration and some practical ways to collaborate effectively.

Travel The World With Coffee

We at CoffeeAM would like to invite you on a virtual journey around the world via coffee. Over the next several weeks we will visit the tropical climes of our equatorial neighbors to learn about the types of coffees we offer, how they are grown and harvested, and their flavor profiles.

in the Mix Magazine
A Celtic Celebration - in the Mix Magazine

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Whether you're Irish, of Irish descent or simply "Irish for a day", we have put together a few ways to celebrate. Entertainment If you wish to stay in, why not watch an Irish movie?

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Technology - Translating Hospitality - in the Mix Magazine

March 21st, 2017 | By Colleen Sisler Communication in hospitality is key. If we are unable to communicate with our guests, how can we be good hosts and be sure we are meeting the needs of those who visit our establishments? With the absence of a "babel fish," the marine universal translator of Douglas Adams' [...]