Omar Tungekar

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Omar Tungekar is a veteran chief of staff whose work spans corporate strategy, operations management and executive communications. He began his career as a speechwriter and media manager for a prominent Wall Street financier and philanthropist before transitioning to a global healthcare company where he held roles in marketing communications, partnerships and business development. Since then, he has built a reputation for partnering with senior executives in diverse industries to grow their organizations, tell their stories and maximize their impact.

In his spare time, Omar is a passionate world traveler, chef and writer. His food writing has appeared in Serious Eats, Time Out New York and Chowhound. A fixture in cooking competitions across New York, his "melting pot" cuisine combines his multi-ethnic heritage and love of travel and has been recognized with multiple awards. He is currently working on several side projects as a culinary consultant and a soon-to-be-announced pop-up series. Stay tuned for more.


Client Work

Food writing

Time Out New York
The Django

New York nightlife virtuosos Vito Dieterle and Joseph Schwartz (Little Branch, Middle Branch, Silver Lining, The Ship, Stop Time) have created another instant classic with the Django, a subterranean jazz club in the catacombs of Tribeca's Roxy Hotel.

Time Out New York
China Grill

With its soaring ceilings, massive open kitchen and multiple backlit bars, Midtown's China Grill is as much the showstopper today as when it first opened thirty years ago. The crown jewel in restaurateur Jeffrey Chodorow's empire, the behemoth Asian fusion hotspot-the dining room occupies a full city block-is a testament to the enduring appeal of Chodorow's philosophy of dining as entertainment.

Time Out New York
Bar Six

Attracting a diverse crowd of fashionable young professionals, Bohemian longtimers and local undergrads, Bar Six is a relaxed bistro that would be welcome in any neighborhood, but its classic charm and international edge seem especially suited for the stylish and creative Greenwich Village.

Time Out New York
Casa Mezcal

Opened in 2010, Casa Mezcal was a part of the first wave of restaurants that helped re-shape Mexican cuisine in New York, introducing the city to authentic antojitos and tantalizing tlayudas. The brainchild of artist Guillermo Olguin and restaurant vet Ignacio Carbadillo, the almost six-year-old Orchard Street restaurant remains a solid homage to the Mexican state of Oaxaca, showcasing the region's art, cuisine and culture.

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