Dr Muhammad Omair Ansar

Manager Medical Excellence

Saudi Arabia

Since becoming a Doctor in 2010, Dr. Omair has worked in hospitals, TPA, and Health Insurance organizations for the past 10 years driving powerful Medical Case Management through meaningful and results-focused strategies which were further boosted in 2018 when he finished MSc Healthcare Management with distinction from Anglia Ruskin University- UK.

An exceptional Medical reviewer and project Manager, Dr. Omair is also a part-time Medical Consultant, article writer transcriptionist with particular expertise in the field of healthcare, pharmaceutical, food & Nutrition, and Medical insurance.

Dedicating his evenings and weekends to freelance services with clients across Healthcare, Insurance, and pharmaceutical brands, Dr. Omair can help your business with on and offline requirements including...

- Telemedicine services
- Medical Articles writing
- Medical, health-related blog writing
- Medical Transcription
- Data Analysis
- Project Management
- Quality Analysis
- Presentations
- Excel, Powerpoint work
- Lean Process ( Kaizen Champion)
- Strategic brand consultancy

His day job is Medical Excellence Manager for a leading medical insurance firm in terms of claims, reimbursement, training, and preauthorizations. Previous to this, he was Medical Claims Doctor which helped him in improving his typing skills to maximum as well.

HIV Scientific Review

HIV continues to be a major global issue affecting people from all walks of life. Originating in 1920 in Kinshasa it is believed that the virus was primarily active in chimpanzees and was first identified in humans in the 20th century (Sharp and Hahn, 2011). During the 1980’s HIV became a growing concern due to its high transmission rate with no apparent signs or symptoms; however it was not until 1986 that HIV was officially recognized by the International Committee on the Taxonomy of...

Private client

Have you ever thought about taking probiotics, you may even have heard about them but never used them due to lack of information available to you about this supplement or food product. It is an astonishing fact that probiotic supplements contain living microorganisms which could be virus, fungi, and bacteria. They provide various benefits, one of them includes supporting our gut healthy bacteria. You must be still wondering that how ingesting live bacteria or yeast could be beneficial for our...

Systematic review- Customer experience on Life Insurance

Health Insurance is defined as an insurance which covers the insured member’s financial loss occurring due to medical and surgical illness. Health insurance plans pay for portion of the bill when you are hospitalized, visit a doctor, get blood drawn, have an X-ray or MRI, or fill a prescription (1). There are different types of health insurance such as Government funded, Micro health insurance, employer based and private health insurance. This systematic review will be done by extracting...

Medical Insurance in Saudi Arabia

The essay is composed of brief description of organizational problem and exploration of root causes using various decision making models followed by proposed solution and challenges in implementing the solution using Kotter‟s 8 stage change model and it will be ended with conclusion drawn from the entire essay.